WP – Express Yourself

WP – Express Yourself

Why is it when other people take selfies they always look so good and yet no matter what i do i always just look – like me! But even the mirror was against me today. However i wanted to show that i really can sit crossed legged on a meditation cushion.


I know some people will be saying ‘and…’ This time last year i couldn’t physically sit in this position in fact even getting out of bed was an arduous task, but i persevered and i made my goal and i now meditate twice a day sitting in that position even if it is for only a few minutes at a time.


6 thoughts on “WP – Express Yourself

    1. I am adopting my mother’s saving, every time she looks at a photo of herself, she simple says ‘yep that’s me’ and that will have do me too.

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