Women Who Run With Wolves – Book Review

Women Who Run With Wolves – Book Review

womenwolvesWomen Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes; First published 1992: Rider; 2008: Rider

“Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman”

Inside every woman there is a wild woman, which for most of their lives lies hidden, buried beneath abuse and ignorance. It is up to every woman to find their inner wild woman and bring her forth so that she can live. Our own inner wild woman will bring peace to our souls and strength to our beings. No longer will we feel second to anyone and anything.

The wild woman in us will bring forth our ‘feminine essence’ our ‘soul’. Somewhere through time the power of women have become second, less than it should be and it is up to us to fight for what is ours by right. All of our years are marked with a ‘Life/Death/Life’ cycle, but for some they get stuck in the Death part of the cycle and die, not to the body, but to the soul. Clarissa takes us on a journey helping us to recognise these cycles in our lives, but she does say that ‘women die thousands of times before they are twenty.’

We need to take notice of our dreams, our daydreams, our thoughts, our souls to help us bring alive our creative side and meet the wild woman in us. We gain power from other women, because no one understand like another woman does.


Clarissa uses long forgotten tales and stories that tell of women and their journeys through this inner life and then unfolds the tales and stories and brings them alive for us today, so we can understand how to find the wild woman within us. This is not a quick read. It is a book i have picked up many times over the last few years and yet it is only now that i been able to read it. It is a book that when you are ready to understand it, it will come to you. Maya Angelou is quoted on the cover of the book as saying ‘Everyone who can read should read this book.’ And i believe everyone should! I also read a review of this book of Goodreads that said, ‘…every woman should read this book and every man who dares should read it also…’

If you are a woman read it, if you are a man – i dare you to read it!


5 thoughts on “Women Who Run With Wolves – Book Review

  1. this book has become a classic for so many women. I have never read it cover to cover. I pick it up, every few years, it seems, and read a bit here and there and it sits on the shelf forgotten again for a while. Not sure why but that’s how it is for me.

    1. That has been my experience until this time and this time i couldn’t put it down. I didn’t understand it all and i certainly didn’t agree with it all but it has left a lasting impression and i can see myself reading it again some time.

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