Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides


All living animals have spirits, including human beings. Often the world will keep us so busy that we do not take the time to listen to our spirit. However it is important that we take the time to connect ourselves with that which is spiritual as well as temporal.

Spirit guides are beings that are assigned to us before we are born that guide us through life, To find our spirit guide or guides can take time, to encourage them to come forward and make themselves known to us. Although spirit guides are positive, protective and reassuring, there are other spirits in the spirit world that are the opposite and will try to lead you astray. This can cause you to spiritually walk into dark places.

Before you can go call your spirit guide to come forward you need to prepare yourself and protect yourself from the unwanted influences of negative spirits. This protection comes in layers –

Prayer: Always offer up a word of prayer, either to God or to whatever being you believe in.

Be Grounded: Always place a part of you in contact with the earth/floor. If you are sitting and your feet do not reach the floor, place a cushion or something else between your feet and the floor. Or you can sit crossed legged or in a lotus position as in meditation.

Word: You need an ‘Out Word’ a word that will instantly bring you back to the present moment. I have a ‘word’ but i will not share it with you just yet as the word needs to be a particular word for you and you alone.

Token: Your ‘token’ can be anything; animal, person, flower, object. If you find yourself in a dark place and you want to leave bring the image of the ‘token’ into your mind and it will bring you back into the present moment.

Sit in a meditative position, but not laying down, where you will not be disturbed for several minutes at a time. Take 2-3 cleansing breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Close your eyes. Bring your ‘Word’ and ‘Token’ into your mind and offer up a prayer of protection and guidance. Allow your breathing to settle, following the breath in and then out, continue in this way of following the breath until the mind becomes calm. Ask your guide to step forward, this may take some time to happen so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen straight away. There will come a point when you want to break the meditation and that is the right time to do so. You cannot force your guide to come and when they do come you may feel them before you actually see them.

I have four human guides and an animal guide, i won’t tell you how they came to me at this time, but will do so as i unravel my journey. They are; An Indian Medicine Man – sometimes dressed in full dress and sometimes in not much more than a leather girdle, A Young Man – who comes to me in three forms, in white, in a suit and tie and in jeans and sweat-shirt. I do not know who he is, but he tells me we have met and will meet again. The Guardian -an elderly man, who has grey hair and is always in white and my Grandmother, Eva, someone i have never met in this life, but she is my death guide and will come for me when i die. My animal guide is an Otter, although i always wanted it to be something big and powerful, he certainly has his uses, especially when you are in tight spaces. My animal guide was the last to appear.

Going to find your spirit guide(s) should not be taken lightly and if you want you can always find someone to practice with you.

3 thoughts on “Spirit Guides

  1. Fabulous Beverley that you know who is working with you, and your animal totem too..
    I too have a Native American Indian.. and a Nun.. also I have two animal totem guides who often appear when I need protection or a reminder of something.. They are Bear and Wolf..
    Lovely read.. Thank you for sharing.. xxx Sue

    1. Thank you very much Sue. Sometimes they come one at a time, which is most often, but sometimes they come all at once, which normally means something is coming and they are rallying the troops for me on the other side. xxx

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