meditationHow often do you experience absolute silence? Never? Once in a while? Every day? Several times a day?

You should get into the practise of pausing in your day long enough to feel the silence around you. Turn off the gadgetry and just breath.

We want the universe to know us, but first we need to know it. It is only in the silences that we begin to realise that we are part of something bigger and yet we are the most important thing in the universe.

Even in chaos we can experience silence. As we learn to recognise the silence within us others will feel it too. We have all come across others who seem to radiate a stillness, a silence and we wonder how they do it. We want it for ourselves, but we do not take the time to find out how to be it, to be in it, to be still, to be silent.

In your busy life you need to remember – you are only one and you only have one pair of hands and can be in only one place at a time and only have one thought at a time.

Today find some time today to be silent. Silence your inner chatter and be still.


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