The Door

The Door

my-dream-garden-1383686710_bFor many months my dream kept repeating itself from the beginning over and over again, until it got and i got, to the the door with no handle. It was around this time in my life that i began attending an Inner Focusing Group. Within the group i was taught how to focus my thoughts onto specific aches, pains and feelings within my body and using meditation, allowing those feelings to take me further into my subconscious and into my dream. However i remained stuck, for want of a better word, at the same place, until something happened in my conscious life to change things.

After a couple of sessions with the group, i came home and told one of my daughters about the dreams i had been experiencing. I explained to her about the the fact that i had come across a door that had no handle and would not open. After listening to me for several minutes she simple said ‘what does the door look like?’

In an instant i could see the door very clearly within my mind and i began describing it to her. I told her that the door was made from wood, that it had hinges at one side and that was how i knew it was a door. That the wood felt rough and old to the touch and was jaggedly broken at both the top and bottom edges. I could feel that the door was set into a frame, which was also wood, and that the frame was set into the brick of the end of the tunnel. That although the door was taller than i was, i could quite easily touch the top.

That night i went to bed and the dream repeated itself has it had before, but as i came to the door something changed. I could see myself sat on the floor, my back against the brickwork surrounding the door, my knees drawn up and my forehead on my knees. Slowly i became aware of light appearing around my feet and filling the end of the tunnel. I raised my head slowly and has i did so i became aware of a Fairy, dressed in green, the same colour as a forest is in full bloom. The Fairy also had wings that glistened and twinkled as she hovered a short distance from the floor. I was surprised to see her there, but i was not afraid.

She spoke to me and asked me why i was crying.

I replied i wanted to leave the tunnel through the door, but it had no handle and i could not open it.

She then asked me to describe the door to her.

I rose to my feet and began as asked, to describe the door. As i finished doing so i looked to my right where she had been stood, but she was no longer there. As I turned to face forward again, the door was gone. As I stood on the doorstep and looked out I could see a beautiful garden full of flowers and trees all in full bloom. I could hear birdsong and the sound of gentle water. In front of me was a path and on the path stood the green Fairy.

She spoke to me again, telling me that the garden and everything in it was mine, I had only to decide to step into the garden. Then she left.

As I looked around me, I became aware that i was no longer a child, but an adult. It would take me several more dreams before i was able to step into my garden, but for now i had found a moment of peace. I was no longer in darkness and all that i needed was right in front of me, waiting for me to make a choice and step forward. But for now i could wait.

It took the words of my daughter, who then became, the green Fairy in my dream for me to be able to move forward. I have found that it is good to share significant dreams with someone you trust and will honour the dream, even though it is not theirs and they have not seen what you have seen as we can receive help from both sides of consciousness.

Do you have a repeating dream?

Have you ever shared it with anyone else?

Have you ever wanted to know if the dream meant something more?

Part One – Station

Part Two – Tunnel


8 thoughts on “The Door

  1. I dream, occasionally, but rarely can I recall enough to see beyond a few snippets. A very interesting post and makes me wonder why my dreams are so random and forgettable.

    1. There are times in my life when i know that my life has been completely out of control, but i have found the answer to the chaos through meditation and dreams, although the answer is often disjointed and appears in small snippets. It is as if someone is showing me something and then keep repeating ‘do you understand or have you got it now?’ before they move on with the next bit. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves to remember our dreams.

  2. My first marriage ended very badly, leaving me lost, alone and completely broken. I struggled against thoughts of ending my life to stop the unbearable pain, then, one night ~ after I’d fallen asleep, sobbing as usual ~ I had a vivid dream in which I found myself in a garden ~ much like the one you describe on the other side of your door, Beverly. At first it was like a colouring book ~ white page with black lines denoting all the flowers, bushes etc. Then, as I looked around, they gradually became coloured and eventually began moving. I could hear insects buzzing, birds tweeting, watch butterflies flitting by. Then I noticed a fountain in the middle and realised I was thirsty. I cupped my hands under the splashing water and was gulping it down, greedily, when a clear male voice said, ‘Don’t worry, there is enough water for everyone who needs it.’ Then, as I lifted my head and looked around, ‘Do not hurry through this garden, take your time, enjoy everything that’s in it.’ I never saw the speaker but I felt calm and loved and fell into a deep, restful sleep for the first time in over a year. I awoke feeling amazing and that was the start of my recovery/self discovery ~ and, although I wouod love to, I’ve never had that dream again. I have had others that are equally amazing, though, always at huge turning points in my life. Thank you for sharing your dream and your interpretation ~ I wrote mine down as soon as I awoke and still remember it vividly and when I feel as though all is lost, I consciously relive it. Clearly I was meant to do that today, so thank you for the timely prompt! ❤

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It took me a year to see my garden, but by then i had joined with others who were seeking inner peace to unknown feelings within the body and from opening the door to the end came quickly and i will share the rest very soon, i promise. The tunnels represented my life at that time and the garden was…possibilities (?) of what may happen in the future and i came to understand i can pick the daisies or the roses of the forget me nots, it was all up to me, but it took me some time to step into the garden and accept that i really do have a choice and that my life is my own. x

  3. an amazing Dream Beverley, and one that has significance .. And yes sometimes someone else can bring instant insight to what otherwise can be a puzzling Dream.
    At the moment my dreams are vivid and varied.. I usually write them down and then ponder on them later and the meaning then comes better for me.. 🙂

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