tiny houseMy life is in a state of flux right now, changing, moving, never staying the same from one moment to the next, to the point i feel like i am always chasing it, always out of breath.

I received my court date for the house. It is the 22 April. I do not have to go to court, it can and will all happen without me. I now have a solicitor, he says i don’t need to be there, unless i really want to be. He says it happens quick and as i am not contesting it there is really no point being there. He also told me to pack instead, as normally once the court gives my house back to the bank, it will also only give me 28 days to move out.

So in less than two months it will all be done. It will all be done, but then what?

Today i have to go to the housing office in town and see if they will take me on and rehouse me, i am hoping they will. This is the fourth time i have been homeless in my life and i want it to be the last time too. But thankfully due to friends and the housing system i have never had to live on the streets. And i won’t need to this time, either. However the local housing may not have a suitable property for me right away, so my things may have to go into storage, my cat to my daughter’s and me to temporary housing. But because of my disability and inability to manage stairs like an average human being i am hoping they will take pity on me and at least say yes to opening a case for me now and not waiting until the 28 days to go mark.

It is all a little scary and i am quite worried. Yet i am trying to have faith that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know what i need and are walking this path with me and in the end it will be alright. I also have to decide where i want to go?!? I really have no idea. Do i want a new area and a new start? or do i want to stay local to where i am and have life carry on as normal, as possible? Then there are all the forms i need to fill in and the paperwork to keep track of and take care of and…and… well…I am doing it all on my own. It is very lonely!

I just keep thinking in the end i will have a tiny house, a more suitable house and i will never have to move again.


3 thoughts on “Flux

  1. Remember Beverley when you had that Dream, and you said your Guardian had almost foretold you that you would be going through a period of storms… He gave you an Umbrella if I remember right..

    I know all will be well.. So do you.. Your faith has seen you through some tough times.. and it will again.. I have a feeling this time you will be better off because of it..
    Love and keep your chin up my friend.. x ❤ Sue

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