End of Dechox

End of Dechox

galaxy chocSome of you may remember that for the whole of March i gave up chocolate, to raise money and awareness on behalf of the British Heart Foundation. Now i cannot say the BHF would get rich on my donation, but the month was very interesting.

I need to go back a little before i can go forward, so please bear with me.

It is known that those who suffer from Fibromyalgia have an increased craving for sugar, me included. The four years previous to diagnosis i had switched my diet from a high sugar-high fat – totally rubbish foods to almost organic vegetarian. However i did not stop eating meat because i thought it was cruel to animals, but more for my own health reasons.

At that time i was also suffering from static debilitating migraines, which means that as one migraine ended another one would begin. Food allergy testing was inconclusive and so in the end i decided to change my diet. Some people will blame migraines on chocolate, cheese, red meat, red wine, etc, in my case i haven’t found it to be so, as they kept rolling in week after week no matter what i did. How debilitating were they? Well, i would loose my hearing and my sight on my left side, my left arm would become heavy and so would my left leg, then i would get the usual symptoms; sensitive to light, sound, touch, movement, nausea,sickness, pounding headache and Irritable Bowel type symptoms as well. I still get them, but much less frequently, about one a month.

Yes, I did have a stressful job, as a staff nurse, but i only worked three days a week.

Now coming back to Dechox.

My normal diet, since i was diagnosed is lousy. I crave sugar most of the time and often feel nauseous when i eat foods that contain no obvious sugar. I have been living on high sugar cereals most of the time, forcing myself to eat ‘proper’ food as much as i can. But something happened during Dechox that i didn’t expect and that is, but not eating chocolate i found that within a week my craving for it had disappeared. By the end of the month my craving for sugar had disappeared as well. And the drawer at the side of my bed, where all the sugar use to live, was now empty.

To replace the sugary treats i began to eat fruit, which by the end of the month tasted good, but it had an unforeseen consequence, it made me constipated, who would have guessed!?! I then found that i needed to increase my fibre, so i bought granary bread from the bakery and shreddied wheat cereal instead of cornflakes and increased the amount of vegetables i was eating and things righted themselves within a day or so.

But it’s been Easter! And what do we eat at Easter??? CHOCOLATE!!!!

I love chocolate, i really do, I think i should marry a bar of Galaxy chocolate!!

But this morning i had a Eureka moment, when i realised that only a few days of chocolate had put a stop to me eating right and had brought back that nauseous feeling whenever i eat anything but cereal and high sugar. I am also craving white bread too. Now there is this big ‘thing’ about white bread versus granary bread, but the only difference between white bread and granary bread is the amount of fibre they contain, everything else is the same.

I have also found myself in an energy slump and we fibro-mites like to blame everything on the condition, but now i am wondering!?! But before i go back to no obvious sugar (most of the time), i just have to finish off the chocolate first! One more egg to go!

5 thoughts on “End of Dechox

  1. Youll get there Mum!
    I’ve found just from cutting out so much chocolate my body doesn’t feel so ‘laggy’ anymore. And ‘laggy’ is the only way I can describe it; kind of a run down, not bothered, slumped feeling haha if that makes sense. I still have the chocolate but instead of eating a whole Easter Egg, and two bars of chocolate that come with it, in one day, I still have my whole egg left from Sunday πŸ™‚

    1. I think that is the way to do it, a little bit at a time till it’s all gone, but i can’t believe the negative affect it had on me in just a couple of days xx

  2. Most people tend to blame it on conditions rather than diet, myself included. I found when I quit eating bread and sugar I stopped craving both, and my energy level is even and higher than before. I did eat some Easter candy and boy did it send me for a spin…now back to regularly scheduled program, ha!

  3. I bought a 5-pack of Cadbury Caramel eggs a few weeks ago. I finished off the last one on Sunday. I loved them but good riddance now. πŸ™‚ I don’t need them year-round.

    Continuing to pray all will go well with your housing situation on April 22.

  4. I gave up eating bread a few weeks ago, and found myself feeling better within my digestion.. But Then I did put myself on lots of smoothies….Green ones.. using dates to sweeten smoothies. I have also recently stopped baking with Sugar too.. After my Daughter bought me Deliciously Ella Cookbook.. Using maple syrup instead…

    I did though have a naughty moment too over Easter with a Cadbury cream egg.. The outer shell is not eaten.. LOL of the main egg.. I may melt it over rice crispies when my Granddaughter comes again so she can take them away with her as she loves to make them.. πŸ™‚

    And WELL DONE! xxx

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