my-dream-garden-1383686710_bI stood for a long time leaning against the door frame or sitting on the door step before i ventured into the beautiful garden. A garden that was mine, but that was so beautiful and perfect i could not believe that it was all mine.

As i waited the sun shone warm upon me and the bird chirped, twittered, cooed, and warbled. There were many butterflies, which fluttered past me as i waited. I did not know then, no do i understand now why i waited, but waiting seemed to be the right thing to do. I spent time meditating and inwardly thinking about the possibilities that lay ahead of me. Then one day it just happened and instead of finding myself by the door i found myself walking down the path that lay in front of me.

To the left and to the right were beautiful flowers or all colours and species. Some small, some big, some shy and hidden under another’s leaf and some bold, their heads nodding to me as i passed them. I wandered many times through the garden, here and there as if i was looking for something in particular and knowing that although this was perfection i could not stay here forever, as this was just a waiting place to gather strength.

As time passed i became aware of water, running water and i was drawn to the sound and although it took me some time to locate the source of the sound of the water, i came upon it one day as if, almost, by chance.

The path i had been walking on brought me to the edge of a ravine of some depth and down in the bottom of the ravine was the water. Across the other side of the ravine was a path not unlike the one i was now standing on. Beyond the path were trees and there was something moving beneath the trees, but at this point i could not tell what it was, no matter how much i tried it was not shown to me. I knew in my heart that my destiny belonged on the other of the ravine and yet i had no way of crossing over to the other side.

I took my usual stance, that of waiting. I sat for many hours waiting and wondering, what happened next was not what i expected and yet it unlocked the next part of my journey.

As i sat in quiet meditation at the end of the path i became aware of someone standing to my left. As i looked up i saw that it was the Guardian. In his hands was a small plain wooden box.

What is that? I asked.

It is you? he replied.

Can I have it? I then asked.

Yes, but first you have to open it, he then told me.

I arose to my feet and standing in front of him i reached out to take the box from him, but he did not give it to me, but told me, that first i would need the key that opened it.

When i asked him what the key was, he told me it was faith.

He went on to say, that if i had enough faith then i could take the box from him and it would open on it’s own to reveal it’s secrets.

I had to reach down into my very being and ask myself the question, ‘did i truly have enough faith?’

After some time i reached out my hand and laid it on the top of the wooden box and then the lid of the box was no more and my hand touched something i can only describe as paper, but somehow it wasn’t. I took hold of the paper and drew it forth from the box. It was rolled not unlike a scroll and tied with a red ribbon.

The Guardian then asked, ‘are you ready?’

He stood looking into my eyes waiting for me to answer him, to say ‘yes’, which i did. He put his hand under my hand that contained the scroll and gentle moved my hand upwards towards my heart and as the scroll pressed against my breast, it vanished and all that was written on it became me. I felt it. I knew it. I had been given the right to be me.

As i caught my breath, I looked up and the Guardian had gone and i was once again alone. Yet to my right across the ravine was the most beautiful bridge i had ever seen. I knew i had to cross the bridge to gain my greatest wish and yet no matter how hard i tried I could not do so, I was not quite ready for the next part of my journey and so i waited.

Part 1 Dreaming or not 

Part 2 tunnel

Part 3 door


2 thoughts on “Garden

  1. Wow.. what a beautiful gift to be give Beverley, And to know in an instant all there is.. A lesson in your Dreamtime or vision quest for all to learn… Many thanks for sharing.. I know your faith is strong and all will be revealed in just perfect time for you 🙂 Hugs Sue

  2. And I do not believe I chose the same picture off of Google for my post.. No wonder I was attracted to it.. 🙂 I did not pinch it from here honest. 🙂 I wish my blooms were as colourful.. xxxxxxx

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