shamrock-chrysanthemum1My friend let me down last night. It was just one word. A sentence. But it was enough. He said he couldn’t cope with it all any more and didn’t know what to do. What he was saying was – i need a break –

– WELL i need a break too.

I can’t cope with everything on my own any more. Yes i know there are people around me, but really and truly I am doing this life on my own.

At 8pm my body crashed and i went to sleep and except for a bathroom visit at 3am i slept until 9.

I am tired. Just so damn tired of having to cope with my crappy life all the time.

Today i have leaky eye syndrome and i cannot stop it, but tears are always a good way to wash away crap.

So forgive me if i am not bright and bubbly self just now, it just that i can’t cope and i need a break and i am sooooo TIRED!!!


3 thoughts on “Tired

  1. My thoughts are with you Beverley.. it can’t be nice having to cope with all that you are on your own.. And someone who you lean on for support lets you down.. Thoughts are sent your way, I hope all resolves itself for the best very soon.. Hang on in there. Love Sue x

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