I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the following –

Sue @ Dreamwalker Sanctuary 

Suzi @ The Water Witch’s Daughter

Moongazer @ Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain 

Jacqueline @ Tao of Scrumble

–  for all their kind words, understanding, support, friendship and love, just when i needed it. God sends angels in human disguises and places them among us for when we need them most, and that is what he did with these wonderful ladies. Here is a big bunch of roses for you and a hug! May you be blessed with the things you stand in need of today and every day. Sending back the love you sent to freely to me.

If you like what i am writing, you will love what they are writing, so why don’t you drop by and their sites and see!

4 thoughts on “A Big THANK YOU

  1. Love the bouquet of flowers dear Beverley.. I thank you.. and this New moon is going to take you to a lighter path.. Have faith.. I know ALL is well.. Love to you my friend and I thank you for this wonderful Gift.. Love Sue ❤

  2. Wow! What a wonderful surprise, Beverly ~ these roses are beautiful and so colourful, thank you! One of the joys of blogging is reading about other people’s experiences, their thoughts and feelings. At first I could only write a post if I were in the right frame of mind and I do always try to be positive. Sometimes, when I’m overwhelmed with pain or sadness, reading the words of another author can actually stop me in my tracks and change my line of thinking ~ it’s like belonging to a sisterhood or fellowship! Thank you for being part of that and sending Blessings to you and your family 🙂

    1. Thank you again. Normally i write whatever, but this time everything came to a stop, which is unusual, but God knew that i needed a little support and i am glad that he did. Yes,n you are right, blogging is like belonging to a sisterhood. Blessings to you too x

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