God is on the shelf!

God is on the shelf!

Greg Olsen - He is Risen
Greg Olsen – He is Risen

On Sunday, my daughter Emily spoke in church and it was just what i needed to hear, although she had no way of knowing that beforehand. I have asked her if i could share her talk with you all and she agreed that, that would be fine. From having to step back and watch my daughter take one wrong turn after another in her life and then with the help of her Saviour and the love of family and friends, to watch her then turn her life around was a great blessing to her, to her daughter and to me.

Emily was diagnosed at the age of eight years with Autism and Dyslexia and although she is not as troubled with it as some are, it has left it’s mark, which as one who knows her well, I can see. Although i have corrected some spelling and grammar in the text, I have tried not to change too much and certainly not the meaning. Any word in (brackets) are words that i have added to help the flow of the writing, because when you are speaking to an audience you tend to put these in automatically.

This is the testimony of my daughter, Emily and i hope that you will feel the love of the Saviour in her words as much as i did when she spoke. Thank you, Emily x

“For a long time is was very hard to let the Saviour into my life. It was very hard to trust him with my life. And sometimes it is very hard to look back on my life and see where I ignored the Saviour and how that affected my path in life. No don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change any of the experience in my life because they made me who I am now but things could have been a lot easier.

The Saviour lives in my living room, in my hallway he lives in my bedroom, my daughter’s bedroom. He lives in the red grazes on my knees when I kneel to pray. He lives on my daughter’s bookcase, in the ruffled pages of a Book of Mormon (which she) brought into her room some time ago, when she started to collect (all) the Book of Mormons in the house, (feeling) seeing the importance even at the age of 18months. Well I would like to think that, anyway,  but she may have just (have) thought they were shiny and easy to carry.

But only a few years ago the Saviour lived in a very different place in my house. He lived in a drawer or in a dusty box in my cupboard. My knees where nice and white and my daughter’s room didn’t exist. I let the Saviour slip away bit by bit. Even if it was (only the) fact that I forgot to read my scriptures one night it would (then) become a pattern and then they slowly slipped off my desk into my bed side cabinet drawer, then onto my bookcase then, into a box. This was over a few months, in such a small period of time the Saviour also slipped out of my thoughts (too), but even through all that He never let go off me, although, I tried to let go of him but there were always reminders.

He will always try and bring us back to where we are suppose to be. He will also lead us to where we should be, but it’s up to us to listen. To give into the consequences of let(ting) in the Saviour. Into our hearts, into our homes, onto the top of our bed side table even onto our breakfast table if need(s) be. I know from personal experience that letting go of the Lord and his gospel leads us into a different world, a darker world. But giving life to the Saviour in our lives will bring light into our lives.  What did you do this week? Does your spouse know about your week? Do your children know about your week? Are you still thinking about what happened this week ? But what you should really be asking yourself is … does God know what your did this week? He may see you and feel you, but does he truly know you? Have you told him about your life have you let him into your life?

The one amazing thing we have that lets us bring the saviour into our lives is prayer. We get to talk to him. We kneel or sit in prayer and we can tell him anything because he will always listen and he can help in one way or another. I have found as I have talked more to the Saviour about everyday things he finds a way to comfort my worries to answers my queries and to Calm my fears. He strengthens me on my worst days because he knows what I’m going to be up against and he knows what my strengths and weaknesses are. He knows me because I talk to him, he is my friend, he is my brother. He is my Saviour.

I am sometimes even prompted to pray and bring God into a situation in my life that seems to trivial but I have realised that it’s sometimes the small things that bring the most blessings. I was once prompted to pray for a young woman who had just missed her (the) bus, I had got off of and within minutes (another bus) appear(ed) even though there wasn’t one due for another half an hour.

I prayed to god to ask him about some financial help I needed and where my money should go…. I would never have thought to do this before but I found that when I spent what I needed to spend I had enough and I knew I would have because I had the Spirit with me comforting me and helping me feel my prayers were answered.

The saviour lives in my heart and in my home and he will continue to live in my living room and bedroom and even on my red little knees and hopefully and my daughter little knees too. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”


One thought on “God is on the shelf!

  1. What a beautiful testimony from Emily! It’s a great reminder to me too to remember always to pray, pray, pray. God is listening and wants to know about everything from me directly. Thanks for sharing this here.

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