Take a Moment

Take a Moment

lonely little girl

See this young girl,
hungry, confused,
never doing the right thing,
talking when she
should be silent,
playing when she
should be quiet,
wiggling and giggling
when she should be invisible.
See her learn to
not speak, not think,
not feel.
See her hide
within herself all that she is
and all that she longs for.
See the woman
she becomes,
a woman who is
no longer willing
to be quiet or
to tuck away all that
she is, deep inside,
where no one can see.
Watch her as she
steps away from
pain and sickness of
mind and body,
and claims her place
as one who listens,
who heals,
and nurtures that
lost little girl.
Watch her bloom!

(Joss Brunel; What I Know About Fibromyalgia; Crowing Crone)


3 thoughts on “Take a Moment

  1. Yes Joss’s words are wonderful.. There is that Little girl within all of us Beverley who needs nurturing and healing and having her hand held and hugged.. I hope you find her and give her a big squeeze.. And take a moment to tell her how much you love her.. xxx

  2. It is actually astounding yo me that you would post this right now. Something happened, in early February, that has stirred up what can only be my Complex PTSD. I have been a mess ever since and quite surprised to be so.

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