Day 5 – Make Our Soil Good and Our Harvest Plentiful

Day 5 – Make Our Soil Good and Our Harvest Plentiful

patisserie-richardImagine, if you will for a minute, that you have been invited to a banquet. As you walk into the hall in the middle of the room is a long table, which is adorned in the most exquisite table clothes, with swags of coloured cloth draped along the edges. As you come closer to the table you see that it is spread with the finest patisserie you have seen. Each patisserie is small enough to be picked up by finger a thumb, yet each is perfectly made. In the middle of the table is the biggest chocolate fountain you have ever seen and all around the bottom of it are perfect, delicate fruits.

Someone announces that you can all help yourself, but where do you begin? There are those who dive in quickly and begin picking patisserie at random and placing the whole cake into their mouths in one go, before moving on to the next and one and repeating the process. There are those who take a slower view, but still they have already eaten several of the little cakes. But you, well you! You walk up and down the length of the table, trying to find something, but you are not sure what? People are jostling you, encouraging you to ‘tuck in’ it’s all free after all and it is all ‘so amazing’. But you walk slower and slower, thinking to yourself ‘this one?’ or ‘this one?’ You reach out a hand, but then draw it back.

Finally you lift your eyes from the enticing desserts and as you do so you see against the far wall of the hall another long table. You walk towards the table, curious to know what is on it. As you come closer you see that laid put on the table is the most delicate sandwiches, those little cheese tartlets, fresh salmon, salads and fruits, it looks amazing. You realise that this is what you have been looking for, real food, good food to feed your body. It is at this point that you look you and realise that you are the only one standing by this particular table, you pause and look back at the other table, which from this distance appears to be a jumble of heads, and arms, and legs as people grab for the little cakes that are remaining.

Now let me liken this chocolate feast (and i am not saying chocolate is bad – oh no!) to the things of this world. Everywhere we look there is something to entice us away from that which is good, because society is telling you, all of us, that we should… We should have the best jobs and make the most money, we should forget about getting married or having a family, as children are expensive. We should have the biggest house, so others can see how much we earn and are worth, forget the fact that the house is far bigger than you need and the mortgage is above what you can actually afford. You have a car, but it’s not the latest model, so you must get another one. You have a mobile phone, a computer, a television, iPad, etc… but it’s not the latest model so you better get a new one. Your friend, family member, the man/woman down the road has one better than you, so you better replace it – hadn’t you? And you must have more than one of everything, even though you do not need them.

But, what if you decided for yourself, pushing all other people’s ideas to one side, that your table is spread perfectly just as it is. You may find yourself standing alone, as the jumble of arms and legs rush pass you and onto the next gadget or thing that they do not need and probably cannot afford, but must have.

We should make our soil good, by deciding what is right for us today and for always. Every choice that we make today should allow us to grow a plentiful harvest in the future. That harvest should include, but is not exclusive to the following; a home that is a safe habour for your family from the world, a marriage that is built on trust, relationships that build and support each other, security in financial matters and peace in your heart and lives.

So which table will you be dining at? 


3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Make Our Soil Good and Our Harvest Plentiful

  1. I am successful when I find inner peace. It is then that my space opens up to positively receive and accept that which is external. I love the analogy. Thank you for sharing.

  2. “We should make our soil good, by deciding what is right for us today and for always.”

    Well said Beverley.. so many people live Wanting.. and reaching for what they think is the BEST.. Yet when we put things into perspective.. Its the many hidden blessings we take for granted which without would make all those other things we reached for so inadequate..
    Thank you for your thoughts… Hugs Sue xx

    1. It is the old story of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ which we need to get away from and do our own things, within the sphere of benefiting all those around us as well as ourselves.

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