Day 15 – Meet My Friend, Pedometer

Day 15 – Meet My Friend, Pedometer

pedometI have a new friend. He has been around for about three weeks. His name is Pete the Pedometer! First i purchased his cousin Paul Pedometer, but found he didn’t do what i needed him to do, partly because i didn’t want to pay lots of pennies for him as i wasn’t sure i would use him, in the end the relationship wasn’t compatible and he has now been replaced. 

In the past i have tried to download a pedometer to my mobile, however most of them required me to have roving data and a constant GPS signal, which i do not need and do not pay for, but i have access too if for some reason i do need it in an emergency. After almost giving up hope of finding a pedometer app that didn’t need GPS, google brought one out (YEAH!) and i downloaded that and have been using it successfully.

You may think i’m a little mad and that is okay as i probably am, full of the joys of Spring or is that Summer? Are we in Summer yet? The weather here in the UK has been dry and in some cases warm enough to take a little stroll every day. I am saying little, because it really is little, about 2000 steps a day, which is just over half a while. I walk extremely slowly and cover hardly any distance at all. But what if you rarely walk anywhere, and even getting to the bathroom and back takes everything you have, it’s okay i have been that way too!

The way to begin is to decide to do something. 

Next download or buy a pedometer, read the instructions and then remember to take it with you wherever you go.

Only walking 50 steps in a whole day? That’s okay! 

Keep a record of how many steps you walk for a week or seven days, thankfully the app i have does this for me. Then divide the total by how many days you actually walked on, which i bet is all seven days to at least some small extent.

This will give you a base line of the number of steps you need to be able to walk every day before you do anything else.

Now i found that i was a ‘all or nothing’ kind of walker. I would walk 5000 steps or more once a week, when i went for lunch with my friend, but little or nothing on the other days. In fact my first week looked like this – 

25 April~ 2024 steps

26 April ~ 1022 steps

27 April ~ 270 steps

28 April ~0

29 April ~ 0  (I am guessing that some reason or other i didn’t set it to go)
30 April ~ 5027 steps
1 May ~ 5586 steps
Total = 11967/5 = 2393 steps
to make it easier on myself i decided to begin walking 2000 steps a day. 
It is beginning to have a positive effect on me. I still wake up every morning feeling like i have been sat on by an extra large elephant, who managed to sit on my whole body in one go. The pills help to get me out of bed, which is usually mid to late morning, but i try to go out and walk my 2000 steps before lunch. There are still days when i end up walking more than the 2000 steps, but there are also days that i end up barely walking at all – bed to bathroom and back.
So where do you start?
It is important that start from where you are and the only way you will know what that is, will be for you to keep a record for several days worth of steps to begin with. Then once you have that figure, walk at least that number of steps on most days, but rest if you need too. Then after a set amount of time of being able to walk that number of steps, add 5% or 10% to the total – for me this is a month. I find 5000+ steps too much, but because i occasionally like to think i’m a normal person i go out for lunch or go shopping or visit my granddaughter. 
This is the app i am using – pedometer
You may not think you are walking at all, but it may surprise you how many steps you are actually taking.

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