Day 18 – Book Review – The Story of Stuff

Day 18 – Book Review – The Story of Stuff

story-of-stuff-bookThe Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard, published in 2010

First a confession, I gave up reading this book about half way through. I put it down, got distracted and that was then end of that.

Although i liked the way the book was put together, Annie Leonard on and on and on and eventually my persistence gave up. However if i compare this book with ‘Stuffocation by James Wellman’ I really don’t think much has changed in the last 5 years. We are still buying more than we actually need, even when we don’t need it and we are still trashing stuff that have life left in them just because the ‘Joneses’ have something we don’t.

Of course the Joneses no longer just live next door, but because of social media the Jones we want to be like might life half a country away or even half a world away and yet we still want what they have and will go to extraordinary lengths to have it. We still have little or not respect for the planet, as we throw away or abandon those things we no long want.

However if you want to know what the book is about, try watching this –


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