Day 20 – Murmur not!

Day 20 – Murmur not!

And his name is Jasper - has in Jasper Carrot.
And his name is Jasper – has in Jasper Carrot.

I am a murmurer, a mutterer, a moaner, but it wasn’t always so. I think at first meeting i can come across as being down-right miserable, but I am not, honest, I’m not!

So for the month of May i decided i would I would ‘Murmur Not!’ As the month is more than half over i thought i would check in with myself and see how i was doing. I have found that i have caught myself in a murmur several times and stopped myself from continuing. I have found that the only thing that murmuring got me was misery and i have enough of that, without adding to it.

No I am not a bright sunny person, and anyone knowing me before this transformation will certainly recognize me as the same person. You see, my murmuring can make me come across as pushy, bossy, thoughtless, however i think it is an instant reaction of self preservation – I am going to be mean and snarl at you, before you can do it to me.

It was Jasper the cat that made me begin the think different. He has been sick, but i think he may be on the mend. A sick cat, is like having a sick child, it requires patience and love and not been shouted at by the person who is supposed to love you the most. He’s only had worms, but food went in and then came out very fast and although he tried to make it to the cat tray, he didn’t always make it and i murmured and growled and snarled. I have never had a cat with worms before, but then i have never had a tom cat and he does have a whole array of buddies that come home with him in the mornings. So i am putting it down to being a man thing. He is now on a three week treatment and it seems to be working – fingers crossed, as he’s had a wash. Cats do not wash, when they are sick.

I found myself murmuring about Jasper, then it was the house, the council, my friend, the weather, my shoes, my life, my … well just everything and so i stopped. Jasper is happy that i have stopped murmuring at him, at least for the moment.

I have to have faith that God is taking care of the me and my need for somewhere to live – that’s another thing, the original court date was adjourned by the bank’s solicitors, but i have a new date on the 2 June. My own council area, are useless and are even more miserable than i am. However, a nearby council have invited me to view a property, which a friend is taking me to see tomorrow. I have prayed about it and feel that if they offer me it, then should take it and that when i see it tomorrow it will feel right, we will see, but no murmuring, no matter what happens.


9 thoughts on “Day 20 – Murmur not!

      1. Another thing – sometimes i get up people’s noses, if you know what i mean, it’s only because they don’t know me πŸ™‚ I hope you are enjoying the good weather and are well xxx

  1. You and your murmurings make me laugh, Beverly ~ thank Heavens for Jasper the cat and his worms, otherwise you might still be murmuring away regardless! I lie to think I’m fairly tolerant ~ but I do catch myself having really unhelpful thoughts and mental conversations with others, in which I tell them what’s what! That’s when I have to take a deep breath and go and do something complicated, so that my thoughts can’t stray! πŸ™‚

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