Day 34 – Be Still, Be Still

Day 34 – Be Still, Be Still

I have come out in an itchy rash today and i am not sure why, although it maybe because i upped the dose of one of my pills yesterday!?! Or, as i informed my friend, via text this morning – maybe it is just rot :).

I shall wait and see what happens before i panic. However i did have a really great nights sleep, but it was midnight the last time i looked at the clock.

If someone had told me they had Fibromyalgia, before i was diagnosed with it, i have to admit i was a little dismissive, I didn’t understand, I didn’t get it! But since being diagnosed, i get it, i get it all!

Yesterday i was very itchy. This itching normally means i’m heading into a pain flare – as a side note i find i swing from fatigue flare to pain flare, to fatigue flare and so on – as you can imagine, moving house has meant i have been very busy, not only physically (not so much) but also mentally and it is very draining.

Each evening i have felt the full blow of the days fatigue and pain. My muscles have been twitchy and my joints have felt swollen and painful and the Fibro pain has been running up and down my body, at high speed. In fact it has been so bad that i have been meditating in bed and at times laying down. Without practising each night, I do not think i would have been able to sleep or even get my body to lie still. I know i have spoken about meditation before and i know there are those sceptics that don’t believe they can still their body of mind enough for it to be of use to them, but what if i tell you that you don’t have to control anything! That’s right, nothing at all!

Meditation is not about control, it is about acceptance. It is about accepting ourselves as we are, right in that very moment. So here are a few ideas i have tried in the past that have helped me to be still.

  • Decide you are going to meditate every day. 
  • Set a time when you will practise.
  • If necessary let others know that you are busy and do not want to be disturbed.
  • Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, comfortable position for you, that is.
  • Got a chattering mind – add some quiet music, i would recommend no vocals.
  • Pick music that is only a few minutes long to begin with, but eventually you will need something that is 15-30 minutes in length.
  • Set an alarm or take note of the time.
  • Then close your eyes.
  • Just be still, don’t do anything else.
  • You have a twitch or a thought, let it happen.
  • Take note of the breath moving in and out of your body, but don’t change it or control it, just accept it.
  • When you are ready open your eyes.
  • Nothing happened! Keep practising. 

I promise you that if you begin today to meditate that in time you will begin to hear your body talking to you and you will instinctively know what it is your body needs in that moment. Don’t worry if you fall asleep, remember sleep is good for us too.


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