Day 50 – I’m Just a Random, Scatter Brain!

Day 50 – I’m Just a Random, Scatter Brain!

scatterbrainFifty days ago i prayed that God would create miracles in my life. I prayed that my life would move forward. I prayed that i would have the perfect place to live. Today i woke feeling like those things had come to pass and that this is truly my home. I intend to make it my home for a very long time and there is no reason at this time, that that cannot come to pass.

However, I am a random, scatter brain, there is no doubt about that in my mind at all. You see i have a list of things that need doing in my new home. Things to unpack. Things to shop for. Then there is daily life and living to be taken care of. I plan for perfection, but alas i normally end up with anything but.

I tell myself i am not going to buy sugary treats, but then i do. I tell myself that i am going to lose 100lbs, but then… i don’t! I tell myself i am not going to leave dirty dishes in the sink, but then i do. I keep telling myself, i am going to get up in the mornings and sit in my living room, but still i take my breakfast and sit in bed. I tell myself i am going to be more organized, but it only lasts an hour or two and then, well then, in the end, I am just myself and i can only be myself. I can only be myself.

If we try to be someone we are not, we will continually fail. Unfortunately, I am just a random, scatter brain and how i get anything done at, is due to complete randomness, but does it really matter? Does it matter, if I sit in bed and eat breakfast every morning? No! Not really! There are bigger things to concern myself with then where i eat breakfast.

I have to accept that there are some things my body, just will not do any more or indeed there are some things my body objects to me doing to it. I try and go for a short walk every day, but if i walk too much i end up with restless, painful legs all night and then i do not sleep very well and then and then and then…

Here are few things i do like to do every day and do them without thinking:-

– i eat breakfast in bed

– i meditate

– read scripture

– say prayers

– read

– family history

– enter the blogosphere

– facebook

– talk to my children, usually my daughters

As for the rest! The rest gets done when my random, scatter brain remembers it needs doing.

So which Mr/Miss Men best are you?


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