Book Reviews – The Good, The Bad and The ?

Book Reviews – The Good, The Bad and The ?

Three short book reviews this week, but really they are the Good , the Bad and the ? – I will let you decide on the last one, as i am unable to make up my mind.

The Good

The Power of Listening by A Lamees, Published 7 May 2015.

the power of listeningI like this book as we think we know how to listen, but there is always more we can learn. I am a talker myself and find myself, telling myself to shut up and listen. Yet for all those who are good listeners already, there is still more ways in which we can refine our skills.

The Bad

Behind the Clutter by June Saruwateri, published June 2015

behind the clutterI think this had to be most disorganized piece of writing i have ever come across. The author continually repeats the same statements, in almost the same words. It took me until 25% of the way through the book for the author to explain the words True/Love/Meaning/Purpose, although she had used them several times before this. I read 40% of the book, where the author states – ‘For one week, decide that you will remove this “time robber” from your schedule,…’ and so i decided to remove the reading of this ridiculous book from my schedule, as i have plenty more that are worth every minute of my time. If you want to know how to de-clutter this is not the book for you.

The ?

The Heart of Relating – Communication by Carmella B’Ahan, published May 2015

the heart of relatingI am a bit in the middle about this book, It is beautifully written. I love the poetry and the gentleness of the words and the rhythm of the writing. What i didn’t like was the fact that the author was the recurring suggestion to share this with the friend/s or even the group you are working with. If i was buying a book for self improvement i would want to be able to work through the book on my own and yes you can kind of do that, anyway, but the sharing is referred to a lot. Also Carmella suggests that we work on one chapter per week (there are 52 chapters) or even over two weeks, which i would think would be very unnecessary, but that may just be me.


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