Day 54 – Going Exploring

Day 54 – Going Exploring

One of my answered prayers was a quiet place, away from traffic, to walk. I knew that an no longer used train viaduct ran near where i live and had spotted an access track on one of my visits before i moved in.

I set out to do my 2000 steps and i am thankful that i made the effort. It was a wonderful, peaceful time, of listening to bird song and allowing my mind to wander. Although, I wanted to spend time in quiet, i took my camera along and took a few photographs, so i could share my walk with you.

IMG_2334 IMG_2335




I also saw a number of birds, i had never seen in life before, which made me think of taking Ornithology or a Twitcher no less.


5 thoughts on “Day 54 – Going Exploring

  1. Until recent knee pain, I did an early morning mindfulness walk daily; and, I paused along the way to take photos. It was a slow-paced walk and very relaxing. Communing with nature can be an excellent pain reliever. I enjoyed sharing your walk through nature as I viewed the photos. Thank you.

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