Normal Service Will Resume Tomorrow

Normal Service Will Resume Tomorrow

2013-04-30 08.59.24I have a sick cat. The cat is called Jasper, along with the Smelly, Mr Cat or Jazzie. However he has had diarrhoea on and off for the last 6 weeks. At first he had a bowel infection and was given antibiotics for that. He was also given vet strength worming powder. But alas, although the infection and the smell of rotting cat has gone, he still has diarrhoea.

So after yet another visit to the vets, which Jasper just loved – not! Although he liked being on the bus and even went to sleep. We have some new medicine in the hope that it will make things bulk up a bit and therefore he will be able to keep the food inside him long enough for his body to absorb it, at least some of it and he won’t feel starving hungry all the time and meowing like he has never been fed.

The vets is about 5 miles in one direction from my tiny flat, but then i brought Jasper home and had to then go out again, 5 miles in the other direction to a pet shop that would be able to sell me some cat food, for cats with sensitive tummies, that has no grains in it. Most supermarket cat food have grains added. This bulks out the food and doesn’t hurt the cat at all. But i happen to have an abnormal cat and he can no longer have any of them. I also have to feed him 8 small meals a day instead of 2 or 3 larger ones. He just wants to be pampered, I think?

He can also have full fat pro-biotic natural yoghurt, which he loves and gobbles it the moment it appears. Now when i say yoghurt, i don’t mean he has a whole tub, just a tablespoon a day.

So, fingers crossed and toes crossed all these things will help Jasper to feel better, because right he feels rotten and i can tell he feels rotten, because he is not washing himself and has anyone with a cat knows, cats do not like to be dirty or smelly. Besides when he is better, we will both be happier.

Note: If your cat has diarrhoea and doesn’t respond to bland foods and worming tablets within a few days or is really ill, then please take them to the vet, as they can die from liver failure due to the lack of vitamin B or even die from dehydration. If your cat is vomiting and as diarrhoea seeks a vet’s help immediately as they could have been poisoned. And if your cat is sick and is not washing at all and is getting very smelly, give them a little wash with some luke warm water and a soft cloth, which you then need to throw away. Also remember that you can catch what your cat has, so make sure you wash your hands whenever you take care of it.

Normal service will resume tomorrow – hopefully!


3 thoughts on “Normal Service Will Resume Tomorrow

  1. Aww so sorry to hear that Jasper has not been well Beverley, I hope the new diet and medicine helps.. I know what its like with a poorly cat.. Apologies I have not been around much recently.. I have just been enjoying Summer and Tennis.. 🙂
    Hugs and Love
    Sue xxxx ❤

    1. I have just put him out in the rain, it is only light and an hour of fresh air will do him good as he has been in all day. The new feeding and medicine regime has begun and all i can do is hope that things improve for him,. Thank you for your concern xxx

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