Day 74 – Week 3 of Minfulness Training

Day 74 – Week 3 of Minfulness Training

mindfulness 8 planI enjoyed the first two weeks, but have found this week a bit of a challenge physically and I will explain why in a moment.

Up to now I have been practising the Body Scan in the evenings before i go to sleep and the Mindfulness of Breath in the morning, before i get up.

Week 3

Mindfulness of Movement

Yes, this weeks mindfulness practise is about exercise, in fact it is about gentle movement through stretch.

There are two versions a short version and longer version. I have been practising the shorter version only, as the practising the longer one is beyond my thoughts, let alone beyond my physical ability.

Although the book recommends that the stretches are practised standing, you could probably do all but one of the stretches sitting on a hard backed chair, such as a dining room chair.

I will (try) to explain the first stretch, but for the rest you will need to go to the Audio Resource page for the book, where they talk you through them all. I have used the short version and found it easy to follow, although I could not hold the stretches for as long as they were saying and i wouldn’t worry about doing so either, if you cannot. Remember mindfulness is about being aware of your body and what information it is feeding back to you and if it is saying ‘stop’ then i would suggest you stop and then tray again another day.

First Stretch

– Stand upright, with your feet hip width apart (or you may sit)

– Relax your knees.

– Close your eyes and follow the breath in and out for a few moments,

– Take a breath in and raise your arms out and up to the sides, until they are level with your shoulders (if you can, or until you need to stop)

– Stretch your fingers out and your hands too.

– Hold for a breath or two

– Take a breath in and as you breath out lower your arms back down to your sides.

– That is the first stretch complete.

You can find the rest here

The shorter version includes only upper body stretches, but the longer version adds in lower body stretches, including ones done on the floor.

So how is it going? Have you felt any different since beginning the meditations?


2 thoughts on “Day 74 – Week 3 of Minfulness Training

  1. I do stretches in bed before rising! A friend calls in “bed yoga”. It just feels so gentle and makes me begin the day with a sense of being supported – by more than my mattress!!

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