Fibro Pain and Elbows!

Fibro Pain and Elbows!

funny-bones-for-dogs-39-cool-wallpaper“…took more pills at 2am and finally fell asleep to my meditation music – my body has gone mad grrr” (woke 7.30am)

(reply) “Oo!! bad body…”

“…Very bad body! Fibro pain is so weird – it’s like hitting your funny bone hard, but your funny bone is every bone in your body, and having that vibrating pain that travels up and down, which you know hurts, but it’s do bad you want to laugh and cry all at the same time…”

(reply) “Mmm…interesting description…soz x”

“There isn’t a word for it, but it is the best i can do…”

(Text this morning – Beverley and Heron)


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