Why Being Outside is Good For Us

Why Being Outside is Good For Us

eat, move, sleepI read, ‘Eat, Move, Sleep’ by Tom Rath some time again and thought his ideas were really good and i had intended to follow some of his ideas, but life took over and i didn’t and it was back in February of this year, ahhh!!! Now I feel like i failed – myself of course! But i have picked up the book again, in the hope that i will be more successful this time around – i am hoping, anyway.

Tom Rath gives shares three ideas per day, for 30 days, but personally i think that is way too much, especially if you want to make changes in your life. So, I have decided to take one or two ideas a month and work with them to see how they work. I want to find out if they fit in with me, my life and what i have been doing so far.

So this month i have selected the following:


When you want a quick snack, take an handful and leave the bag or box behind.

Spend at least 5 minutes outside every day.

He also talks about being accountable to someone, well now i am accountable to all of you!!

6 thoughts on “Why Being Outside is Good For Us

  1. Wishing you well dear Beverley … I am afraid I would fail at your second reminder.. I couldn’t just spend only 5 minutes outside.. It would have to be more than an hour šŸ™‚ xxx ā¤

      1. Dearest Beverley, I was in no way being critical of 5 mins.. Just saying I enjoy more than my 5 mins outdoors.. And sitting outside in nature is often very therapeutic as we breathe in that much deeper which enables oxygen to travel into our muscles better. ā¤

      2. I do not think you were, i am sorry that you thought i did. But even 5 minutes is better than nothing. Many people who have Fibro are blaming it on low Vitamin D but i don’t think it is the case. But what better way to collect your vitamin D free than to go outside and just sit in the sun xxx

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