Week 7 – Taking Good Care of Yourself

Week 7 – Taking Good Care of Yourself

mindfulness 8 planThis is the seventh week of a eight week course, from the book called ‘Mindfulness in Eight Weeks by Michael Chaskalson, which i began reading and then using and finding it was so good that i needed to share it, in part at least. I have brought together and shared the parts that have stayed with at the end of each week. However, this is not everything in the book and i would encourage anyone that is interested in finding out more, to buy the book.

The book focuses on how meditation can be used to help those who are suffer from mental ill health, such as depression, stress, anxiety and panic attacks and by following the whole course and incorporating the course into daily life, research (found in the book) as found that it has brought calm into the life of sufferers. However, this book does not replace any medical help that has been given, including the taking of prescribed medication, please consult your practitioner at any time you feel you need too.

This week practice is about, ‘Taking Good Care of Yourself.’ Often when we feel we are being swallowed by the world we do not think we should give ourself the time we need to keep well.

This week we expand the ‘Breathing Space’ (‘Pause’) to include an ‘Action Step.‘ Up to now, we have been pausing and accepting the feelings we have within our bodies and also our thoughts. But when we allow negative thoughts to stay or indeed, we welcome them in, we are at risk of being overcome by them. We all encounter negativity in our lives, it is a part of life, however we need to work out ways in which we can move these negative thoughts on. The book discusses a number of ways in which this may be done, but i like this simple way, which is instead of sitting with the negativity, go and do something positive, such as:-

  • Take a bath
  • Have some of your favourite food
  • Visit a friend
  • Get some exercise
  • Go for a walk
  • Read something uplifting to you
  • Create a sense of achievement by; completing a job that has been waiting to be done, cleaning out a cupboard or a shelf, catch up with some emails, or even pay some bills

Meditation Practice. It is time to decide, which practice works for you. Do you find it more fulfilling to practise, laying down, or sitting or even walking. For myself i tend to sit in the evenings before bed, but i also love to practise whilst walking outdoors. You may have also found the Guided Meditations useful and want to carry on with them or like me you find them annoying and intrusive.

This week decide, which practise works for you and practise that way each time, but don’t worry, you can always change it later if you want too. Also decide this week (make a conscience choice) to continue even after the 8 week course is finished.

Guided Meditations can be found here –


2 thoughts on “Week 7 – Taking Good Care of Yourself

  1. Thank you for the link to guided meditations. I’ve enjoyed following along with you on this journey and have added the book to my “wish list”. That’s where I go when I have money to place an order!

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