100 Days With God

100 Days With God

IMG_2494Over 100 days ago I wrote a post called ‘Day 1-‘Death’. For many months before that day I had wanted to die, but from that day to this i was choosing to live and to live fully, saying ‘Yes’ to things i wouldn’t normally say yes to. I challenged God to create a miracle in my life, but what He did was create many miracles one on top of the other, layer after layer and layer in most extraordinary ways. First I offered up a prayer – please God, don’t let me be homeless, don’t let me have to live in temporary accommodation, please, please, please…’ His reply was certain, I heard it has if someone had spoken it right into my ear. ‘Apply to Halifax for somewhere to live.’ I knew without doubt He had spoken and yet it still took me nearly a month to do so, but i did apply to Halifax housing for somewhere to live. Then, He said, ‘tell me what you need.’ Could i really tell God what I needed and what was it that I did need? I prayed – a one bedroom, ground floor flat –

~ And? He asked, ‘be specific’

I felt like i was being greedy – how specific could I be???

I thought for a while and then the mental list began –

It needs a garden space, but one i don’t have to garden myself – Ok

I would like a place that is quiet and peaceful and by open fields – ok

I would like good neighbours – ok

I need a shower – OK

I am worried about being too far away from my daughter, but i want to be out of Bradford – Ok

I am worried about having to decorate and not being able to physically or financially – Ok

I am worried about not being able to afford carpets – Ok

I am worried about having a grotty kitchen – Ok

I am worried about having token meters for my utilities – Ok

I would love somewhere i can walk, that is off the road and quiet and peaceful – Ok

I need to be able to get to church each week, without difficulty – Ok

I need to be in Halifax for church – Ok

I need easy access to shops and buses when necessary – ok

I need to take the cat – ok

I need to feel part of the church group -ok

I need a friend, at church, the kind I can spend time with – ok

God listened and the miracles began to happen. Only seven weeks after applying for housing, Halifax housing offered me a one bedroom, ground floor flat, which had had a new shower put in it a year before and the kitchen had been replaced since the last person had left. The flat had been fairly newly decorated and carpeted by the family of the last owner. There is a long open garden space at the back of the house, which is enclosed so when my granddaughters come they can play there. A brief walk up the hill is my open space, which use to be train viaduct, but has not been used for many years. I do attend church in Halifax, we call it a ward and the people in the ward were welcoming and wonderful and i feel cherished there. I do indeed have a friend now, not one i would have chosen, but one that makes me think and tells me my thinking is okay, they call him, Nathan. I live three minutes from the nearest bus stops to all the nearby towns and cities and the local supermarket and little town centre. I live in a place that has a friendly, country feel to it. I did bring the cat, but unfortunately he couldn’t stay and he died because he was sick. God heard all of my prayers, my pondering and He met my needs in ways i could never of imagined and i feel blessed, miracles still happen we only need to ask.


8 thoughts on “100 Days With God

  1. This is a beautiful post. I was interested to see that the flat came carpeted, I think it depends on the council and their own rules. When we cleared my dad’s house we had to remove all the carpets and even the laminate flooring in the lounge which was in very good condition. Even the light bulbs had to go!

  2. Wow! Wow! I love how God was so specific in answering your prayers. What faith you showed in laying it out specifically what you wanted. I am sorry about your cat though. 😦

    1. Thank you Lisa, God has a plan for all of us, sometimes we need to be specific and sometimes we just need to wait and see what He has plans for us.

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