Week 8 – Mindfulness ~Acceptance and Change

Week 8 – Mindfulness ~Acceptance and Change

mindfulness 8 planThis is the last of the posts taken from; Mindfulness in Eight Weeks by Michael Chaskalson. There are many things you have learnt about yourself, and you will have seen how regular practice can help you maintain an inner calm, but sometimes there are things we cannot change and it is important to recognise these and just accept them as they are.

Chaskalson, quotes mindfulness teacher Larry Rosenberg who give five easy steps for you to follow to help you practice mindfulness throughout the day –

  1. When possible do just one thing at a time.
  2. Pay full attention to what you are doing.
  3. When the mind wonders from what you are doing, bring it back.
  4. Repeat step 3 several billion times.
  5. Investigate your disturbances.

In closing i would encourage you to keep going. Try and meditate at the same or similar time every day, include it in your daily routine. Set an area in your home aside, so that you can return to that place each time to practice. Place flowers, candles or even objects that mean something to you and will allow you to feel more focused. And, if you happen to miss a few days, weeks or even months you can always return to practice as easy as taking a seat.

On a personal note, I have found this book and the eight week course useful in deepening my own practice. I have practice meditation for many years, on and off, sometimes more successfully than others. I have always found it a good way to help me to accept and/or take control of my feelings about what is going on in my life. However, to mindfully do one thing at a time is hard. We are can be very busy people and we think we will never be able to accomplish all that we need to accomplish if we do not continually do things all in a jumble. I know from my own experience that that is not true, that we can still all that we need to do by being mindful. Being mindful is not about being slow, but is is about being present in that moment and every moment.

To borrow the words (one last time) of Michael Chaskalson, ‘Keep going! I wish you everything of the best with that.’


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