No Man is an Island

No Man is an Island

one womanNo man is a island or indeed neither is any woman! Although we would all like to think of ourselves as forthright and independent in reality we all need each other. Now many will say that, like me, they spend most of their time alone, seeing no one and speaking to no one all day or even for days at a time. In a physical sense that may be very true. However there is not a day goes by when i do not receive and text message from one of my children, my sister or even a friend. Like many others, I, have social media accounts, email and even the blogosphere and there are many on these sites that i call friend, but who i rarely is ever meet in person and some i know i will never meet in this life, but yet we are friends still. We influence the life of every person we meet. Every touch, simple word, or even standing in a bus queue or indeed any place at all. When we meet someone we have a choices to make. We need to decide how we treat that person, but what if we had already decided that we would treat each person with love and kindness, even before we met them, then the decision would have been made. Just today as i was out for my walk, i heard, fast approaching foot steps behind me and as i looked round, a man who was obviously out for a run was fast approaching. Now i knew i could not out run him and so i kindly stood to one side and allowed him to pass, for which, he said ‘thank you’ and was on his way. Now i may or may not meet or even see that man again, and he may not even remember the red head that stood out of his way to let him pass, until one day when he hears even faster approaching feet behind him and find himself stepping out of the way. We need each other, sometimes just for the briefest moments; hold a door, step aside, a helping hand or even a kindly word. However we never know where these tiny gestures will lead! It is up to us to welcome all onto our island, that maybe one day others may do the same for us.


5 thoughts on “No Man is an Island

  1. Because we have moved so much there have been times I fought against reaching to make new friends. The lie is, why put myself out there? And God just lets me be an island all to my self till I come out of that attitude and reach out to someone. The positive thing is I have friends all over the world because of those move who lift me up in prayer when needed, rejoice with me, love on me. Bottom line, I so need people especially when I think I don’t. Good post.

    1. Thank you very much. I too have moved recently after living in the same place for about 18 years and i was worried that i would become isolated but God made sure that didn’t happen and i have some wonderful new friends and have managed to keep hold of some of the old ones too. However i can make myself into an island and hibernate, especially in winter.

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