Changing Habits

Changing Habits

betterthanbefore_gretchenrubin‘…Lower the bar, use the clean slate to change habits, and try to stop wasting food.’ (Gretchen Rubin)

I have been reading ‘Better Than Before’ by Gretchen Rubin for some time now, that is because i keep going backwards and forward through it’s pages and i haven’t got to the end – yet! To me that seems like a book worth the money paid for it.

I moved to my new flat three months ago, although it is beginning to feel like i have been here much longer. On the whole, life is good. I cannot change my physical body and it’s disabilities, but i can change my mind and how i feel about those disabilities. I still end up with some days in bed and as the weather gets colder, i expect that this will continue to be so or even more so.

However, I had in my mind when i moved here to change some things in my life. Before i came here i had been working on my spirituality and relationship with God, which is now stronger than ever before. I began meditating and now i find that i can settle my body quickly into the ‘quiet space’ and stay there for some half an hour or more. I have also found that these two things together have brought a sense of peace and contentment to myself. But, NOW it is time to take on the body.

I kept trying to take on the body before, but my mind was all over the place and i couldn’t settle on the things that i needed to do, not just once, but all the time, every day to make my physical body better, healthier. However, I am under now illusion, as some of my family seem to be, that if i eat better, lose the weight, all my disabilities will disappear! No! I do not think that will be the case, but i do know that i will be able to cope better with the problems my body presents me with on a daily basis if i do so.

I will be using Gretchen’s book to create lasting, useful Habits, that will enable me to change my eating habits. I know i could eat so much better and i am working on making simple steps to begin to accomplish this. More about that to come! So, I am going to be lowering the bar about changing my habits with food and stop trying to change everything all at once, but better is better food no matter what! I shall be bringing along my blog/book friends Michael Pollan, and Lisa Leake among others and I am inviting you along too.

  • What ‘food’ habit have you changed and gained benefit from doing so?
  • What food habit have you tried, and then failed at and what did you do next?

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