Mind, Body and Spirit

Mind, Body and Spirit

IMG_2739I think patients would be treated more successfully if doctors treated their mind, body and spirit all at the same time. Although there are alternative therapist, especially within Chinese medicine that treat patients this way, you are unlikely to find the average doctor following this route.

Yet, we are not parts of ourselves and we should not be treated in parts. Our mind is part of the body and in turn they are both part of our spirit and vice versa. We may get a simple illness and take an over the counter remedy, consume more foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and take to our beds and sleep. This may be our normal course of treatment and in a few days we feel better and then we stop everything until we get sick again.

But what if we were to treat the mind, body and spirit on a daily basis to prevent disease or dis-ease within the body. How could we do that without overdosing ourselves or indeed living on over the counter pills? The first thing we need to do is to stop thinking of ourselves as having separate parts and bring together the three parts to make one whole.


Mind your mind first. Every wondered why it is not Body, Mind and Spirit or Spirit, Body and Mind? That is because all our actions were once thoughts in our minds. if we change our thoughts, and sometimes this is difficult, but we do have a choice and we can choose to think differently. Begin and end the day with a quiet time. For me this is meditation. Stop thinking about meditation as sitting with your legs and arms double crossed and lay, sit or even walk in a quiet way. Take this time to really listen to your body. What is it telling you? Now listen deeper and it will begin to tell you how to put right what is wrong in your body. Now don’t rush things, take these few moments to really be still.


Next comes the body. Without the correct nutrients and exercise the body will begin to fail. It may take several months or even years, but bit by bit the body will fail. As the body fails it will get sick. The sicker it gets the harder it is to make it better. Recently after yet another bout of illness on top of my disability i realised that my body was telling me something and that was i needed to change my diet, it needed to be way Way WAY better than was and i needed to start to make those changes immediately. I did one very simple thing, which i felt was the right thing for me to do, but I didn’t really understand how that one thing could make a difference, and that is this, I began taking a daily multivitamin and mineral with iron tablet. It is nothing special, just the kind you can buy just about anywhere. It has now been five weeks since i began taking them and I have recently noticed that my body feels better, responds better. Did the pain and fatigue go away -No! But, I do have an appetite, which i haven’t had for sometime and i find my movement is easier and i managed to walk up the hill to my mother’s yesterday – very slowly – but I didn’t have to stop, which i would have had to do several times normally. Next, we need to accept what our bodies are telling us, that is the hard part, and mine was saying ‘you are killing me, when are you going to do something about it?’ Exercise – do something, anything that gets your body moving to your ability.


Spirit mean different things to different people, but for me it means Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. But it also means that I have a spirit within me that if you could see it, it would look just like me and act like me, because it is me, just the spiritual bit. For me, I need to feed my spirit by daily prayer, scripture study, pondering the words i have read and putting them into my own life and allowing them to change me. I am also memorizing Isaiah 12, it i hard work, but will be worth it.

My friend, Joss Brunel shared the following ¬†video on Facebook and ‘What is Slow Medicine?’ and again it fits, it fits me and what I am trying to say. I hope you agree.

What is ‘Slow Medicine’ to you?

What are you doing on a daily basis to bring wholeness to your life?


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