What-YouDoEveryDayMattersMore_124744Before you go off and set loads of new habits it is a good idea to know yourself. Here are a few ideas from Gretchen Rubin and yesterday’s book and what I believe, I am.

Owl or Lark?

Now this is not the poem, the Owl and the Pussy cat, but it is for you to decide at what time of day you function at your best. Owls tend to work best in the evenings and at night time. Whereas Larks are more awake in the mornings and like to sleep early and wake early. I am the later, a Lark. Although there are times that I feel more like a bat, awake all night and sleeping all day, but that is the Fibro talking and not the real me. I have also decided I love silence or at least quiet first thing in the morning, so no music, no radio, no television and even when my children visit I tend to retreat to my bedroom with my breakfast for a few minutes at least. There was a time when once I was awake I was awake for the day, that is not always the case these days, but again that is the Fibro talking.

Marathoner, Sprinter or Procrastinator?

Marathoners work at a slow and steady clip and prefer to have the work complete well in advance of the deadline. Sprinters work in quick bursts and work for the pressure of the deadline to complete the task. Procrastinators, ‘enjoy the pressure of the deadline to sharpen their thinking’. So, which one are you? When others are watching I am a Marathoner, for example, when I was at work I would always be ready to hand over to the next shift of nurses and then be ready to leave. BUT, in my personal life and home and i think if i was really honest with myself I am a Procrastinator or in other words -I shall do ‘it’ sometime or other, or maybe I can get someone else to do it for me?

Finisher or Opener?

Are you likely to open several packets of cereal or biscuits or even shampoo or toothpaste before the previous one is empty? Then you are an Opener. A Finisher on the other hand will squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube and use up the tiniest bit of shampoo. Personally I am a Finisher and I try to have one of everything, especially when it comes to shampoos and toiletries. AND, I am the annoying person who puts the last drop of milk back in the fridge! And,I don’t like people who are not Finishers, they bug me!

Small steps or Big steps?

For many people, me included small steps in building a new habits is more successful than making a huge change all in one go. Our brains are hard-wired against change and often when we make a sudden changes we end up failing. For instance;how many diets have you started and then failed or how many times have you signed your life away at a gym and gone once or twice before you stopped? I make my point.

So I am an Obliger. I am also a Lark, a Procrastinator, a Finisher and I like to take Small Steps when building new Habits.

So what about you?

How would you like to spend your time?

What do you value?

What are your current Habits?


One thought on “Self-Knowledge

  1. Your post triggered my memory that I had planned to purchase this book. I went to Amazon to order and it’s in my library. I remembered reading her first two books, but had totally forgotten about this book. I am interested in confirming, what I think are my habits. Thank you for sharing.

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