Monday Book – Better Than Before (2)

Monday Book – Better Than Before (2)

betterthanbefore_gretchenrubinThe Pillars of Habits

Gretchen Rubin splits the next section of her book into four parts, each in it’s own chapter.

  • Monitoring
  • Foundation
  • Scheduling
  • Accountability


To accurately monitor a habit we need to decide what it is we want to monitor. Gretchen states –

‘Actual measurement is crucial, because when we guess what we’re doing, we’re often wildly inaccurate.’

How often do we begin a new diet or and then tell ourselves that something we have eaten doesn’t count, because we do not want it too, but we still ate it?

Gretchen focuses on two habits many of us want to improve on; eating and exercise. I always have good intentions to change my bad eating habits, but i often find myself falling back into my old ways, which is normally too much rubbish and too much sugar. I know that sugar has no dietary value and yet if i am not careful i can get to the end of a day and then realise that is all i have eaten, sugar. Sugar wrapped in cereal , sugar wrapped in chocolate, sugar wrapped in biscuits, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera – do I need to go on?

I one thing I have found is that certain fruits and too much fruit can trigger the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) but I have as yet to figure out which ones and so I normally end up not eating fruit at all, except for the odd banana, which I know is doesn’t cause any problems.

Habit 2 Figure out which fruits I can eat without causing me any distress.

Exercise is a very difficult thing for me to even contemplate most days, however I no longer stay in bed all day, unless I chose to do so. Yesterday I walked for 40 minutes and distance that would have taken a ‘normal’ healthy person half the time or less. By the end my body was aching and i really wanted to sit down and not get up for the rest of the day, but I did it. There was a time when going across the hallway from my bedroom to the bathroom was hard exercise. Staying in bed when you have Fibromyalgia does you no favours at all, it certainly didn’t do me any favours that’s for sure.

As for monitoring I have a pedometer on my mobile phone and also an Pro health App to monitor my pain and fatigue levels. But I am not consistent with either of them. The Pro Health app gives me an overall score based on pain, fatigue and mood at the moment i enter my data. I need to know if my walking is making a difference to my overall score on the health app and can i actually walk longer or quicker then more i actually walk?

So there are three things i need to know; how many steps walked, how far I walked, how long it took me, what my overall score is (I feel a chart coming on :))

Habit 3 To increase exercise, without increasing, pain and fatigue levels.

Tomorrow: Foundation.


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