Monday Book – Better Than Before (3)

Monday Book – Better Than Before (3)

betterthanbefore_gretchenrubinI have had an interesting thought about Gretchen Rubin whilst reading this book and is it, that she suffers badly from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Perfectionism, which sadly I do not or maybe that should be thankfully?

If creating new Habits means that I do not recognise myself then I am not living true to my own life, I am living someone else’s life. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your view point, I neither have OCD nor am I a perfectionist. The fact is, I am more random then anything else, a see what happens type, than anything else. Sticking to a new Habit is almost impossible for me to do, unless it fits into my life, as it is. I have also found that there are times when i get so wrapped up in what someone else is doing I forget what is really important to me, to the point that those things which I deem as important get pushed to the side.

On a daily/weekly basis I need certain things so that I can cope with my physical and mental disabilities and when these things are ‘pushed’ then my life falls apart due to the increase in pain, fatigue and lack of good sleep. These are the things that I would say I now have as fixed habits in my life, these are the important things –

  1. God
  2. meditation
  3. sleep
  4. reading
  5. writing my blog
  6. family history
  7. naps
  8. walking

These things are so important that i must find time to do them daily or at least weekly to keep my life in balance.

However, the one thing that is out of balance is my eating. This week’s post from ‘Better Than Before’ is all about deciding whether you are an Abstainer or a Moderator? If you need to give something up, such as chocolate, would you need to abstain from it completely or would you be able to have it as a treat in moderation?

I have found that I am in fact an Abstainer. It is not possible for me to moderate how much (chocolate, for instance) of something i should be eating to sustain an healthy diet, however I find it easy to ‘no’ to something and abstain from ‘it’ completely. Back at the beginning of the year I gave up chocolate for the month. After the first few days it was easy. Until the month was up and since then i cannot go food shopping without bringing home chocolate too.

There was a time, not too long ago, when i ate mainly an organic vegetarian diet and I lost 8 stone in weight, over about three years without dieting or feeling like i was going without. I didn’t give up chocolate, but any bar i bought was always the smallest bar i could buy, so i ate less. Another thing, is that, I do not believe that we should give up meat completely, but eat it sparingly, which is what I did; I still loved a bacon sandwich. I would love to get back to this way of eating again. The problem I have is being able to prepare vegetables, as my hands can be painful and my finger ends numb and i tend to drop things easily.

The problem is where to begin!

So are you an Abstainer – do you need to give something up completely?

Or you a Moderator – can you eat a treat in moderation?


2 thoughts on “Monday Book – Better Than Before (3)

  1. I’m definitely a moderator because I can’t stand the thought of giving up something forever. ha. My mother said I was always that way, even as a child, eating half a bag of M&Ms and saving the rest for later. In some ways I’m thankful for the trait. But in other ways, it hurts because I can’t totally give up useless foods, for instance.

  2. I guess I am a moderator Beverly I bought a bar of choc last week as I felt I hadn’t had a treat in a while, and its still in the fridge 🙂 not started…
    Sending you Love and Hope you go easy with your hands Beverley .. I know I have was hoeing for 2 hours today in the garden and my arms feel sore.. Sending LOVE ❤ and Hope you pain eases xxx

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