The Quiet

The Quiet

I haven’t written about meditation for a little while, so i felt a little reminder was in order. Today I want to teach you about Sitting Still and The Quiet. 

Wrongly people think of meditation as a way to relax and although regular practice done properly does relax the body, somewhat at least, meditation is primarily about disconnecting our outer thoughts and connecting to our inner soul, creating a quiet place.


  1. Sit in a comfortable position.
  2. gently shake out the wiggles
  3. close your eyes
  4. follow your breath – for me this is in my lower abdomen, but for you it may be in and out through your nose, this is something you will have to find out for yourself
  5. allow your thoughts to come and go – you will find the minute you want to stop those thoughts they will come piling in, but that is okay, allow them to come and go
  6. brings your thoughts back to your breathing
  7. just sit and breath!

That’s it!

However there is an inner place that i cannot tell you how to get to or even what it feels like when you get there, it is called The Quiet. The first time you feel The Quiet you will go ‘WOW’ and it will be gone, but do not lose hope. Continue to practice daily and The Quiet will come to you, for the more you look for it the more illusive it will be. Once you have found it, you will want to return to it often and the only way to do that is to patient with yourself, for it cannot be coerced into appearance, but once there you will not want to leave.

Finding The Quiet will take time, possibly hours, to find in the first place, but once found it will be easier to find in the future. It is a place of absolute silence and peace within the body and mind and soul as the three come together with the universe and you fly free.

I would be interest to know if anyone finds The Quiet – it is there, I promise, because I have been there myself.


2 thoughts on “The Quiet

  1. I rarely find The Quiet when I meditate. Sigh. But I keep meditating anyway. I try not to get too caught up in the results but try to just enjoy the time spent in quiet with God for what it is. Nonetheless, I would like to experience The Quiet more often.

    1. I do not experience it every time i meditate, but i have done in the past and the first time it happened I really did go WOW in my head and then of course it was gone. It is like flying among the stars.

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