Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb

love-is-a-verb-without-action-it-is-merely-a-word-jennifer-lamanca-kaufmanIn English lessons at school I was always taught that a ‘verb’ was a ‘doing’ word, a word that describes an action, such as; run, walk, hear, learn…

A Verb is a word of action.

Love as a word is void, if it is not accompanied by the right actions. Love is being present for another person, even when or more so when, it is inconvenient for the giver, even unto death if necessary.

Love is action.

We speak of charity as being the pure love of Christ. Pure; clean, perfect, whole, complete without stain, spot or damage.

Love is pure action.

Pure love in action is often not convenient to the giver. We often need to give that, which we really don’t want to, usually our time.

Love is pure, inconvenient action.

If we give service just because we should it is not the same as when we we serve with all our hearts, might, mind and strength, with no expectations or reward.

Love is pure inconvenient action for the right reasons, with no expectations.

Let me just say that again –

Love is PURE


Love is ACTION

So if you love me, tell me, then show me!


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