Mending The Broken Pieces

Mending The Broken Pieces

Fibromyalgia happens when the mind and body breaks into thousands of little pieces. You may not be able to see the broken pieces but they are there nonetheless. What causes the body to break so dramatically? Stress! Body Stress! What is body stress?

First let me explain what stress is. Stress is the amount of weight and pressure needed to bend or a break a steel beam, that is how the word was first used. Now it is being use to determine how much weight or pressure it will take to bend or break a human being.

More and more people are being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the age of those people is younger and younger and there has to be a reason for both. I have my own theories on why this is happening and ideas on how we can learn to live with it. Anyone who says that there Fibromyalgia has been cured either didn’t have it in the first place or are in for a shock one day, when it returns with hells fire following it. However, I do know of people who are in remission from it’s continual pain, so how did they do it? I have my theories about that too.

More Women Have Fibromyalgia Then Men

Why do you think that is? Women often have a double onslaught of stress, some of which they bring on themselves. For millions of years women have had a role to play in society, that of home maker and child rearing and I am not saying slave or dogsbody here. The roles of womanhood and motherhood are sacred roles given to us from before the beginning of time. However, many women feel undervalued by society and are made to feel guilty if they want to fulfil these roles, enough to make them seek employment out of the home. Women are continually being told, by society that they do not need a spouse and their children do not need a father, they can do it all on their own and be proud of it. Society tell us that we must work to earn more money than we actually need to live, so we can buy a bigger, better house, make sure our children have the latest gadgets, the most expensive holidays and newest car or even two cars. We are continually told by the government that school children are failing, but mother’s must work – cannot you not see the connection there? If mother’s are not in the home to teach their children, then who is going to do it? The school day is not long enough for the teachers to do it. We are continually under stress to be more, do more, have more and then one day it all comes crashing down and we wonder why.

Now there are women whose first chose was not to be a single parent, but have found themselves having to fulfil both parental jobs, these women are at risk from overload and brokenness.

How To Begin To Mend The Broken Pieces

Get a diagnosis, it is really important to know for sure that you have Fibromyalgia as it may be something else entirely. Find the medication that works for you. Do this slowly, one or two medications at a time, until something helps. Accept that you have a chronic pain disability and not an illness, an illness can be cured, a disability cannot. Be informed, find out about your disability. If you work, work less. If you work and have a family to take care of as well, work less and learn to delegate. Stop being a perfectionist – do the towels/bedding really have to be folded in that way or do they need to be put away? Create quiet times in your day to sit and do nothing – turn off the constant chatter of social media, mobile phones and digital television. Seek out those who already have the disability, but be careful who you chose to listen to, some people are very negative. Seek counselling, but not CBT, I didn’t find it useful, what you need is someone who will listen to you over and over without judgement. Seek out alternative treatments for pain and stress, anxiety, panic attack, depression, think along the lines of Chakra healing, Meditation, Yoga, Acupuncture and Massage to name just a few, all these things will make you stop and help you connect with your body. Learn to listen to yourself. Seek out people who truly love you, support you and will validate you as who you are and not who they want you to be, if they cannot accept you at your worse then your best will never be good enough, no matter how good it gets, get rid of them out of your life, if they are not willing to change or cannot change. (Avoid expensive Dr Quacks expensive cure all that don’t actually work and only make your poorer, don’t work and will make the stress even worse.) Expect it to take years to go into remission, if at all.

Slow down. Slow Down. SLOW DOWN.


One thought on “Mending The Broken Pieces

  1. I like the slow down slow down slow down but. And the fact that people should look at it as a disability that is not going to go away with a few medications rather than an illness which can be cured xx

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