Love Heals the Broken Pieces

Love Heals the Broken Pieces

swtpeaI look at this blank page and have no idea where to begin. I do not even have a title for it is difficult to give a name to LOVE or the power of LOVE. How love can move you in ways you never thought it was possible to be moved. Love heals. It holds you up with one hand, with a thousand hands, with a tip of a finger, a touch, a word, a song, a sigh, a breath, a moment. LOVE HEALS.

Love heals the souls when we let it in completely to the very core of us, but many of us miss these moments because of fear, which overwhelms us and we run from love. We hide from love in case it finds our broken pieces. But we all have broken pieces that need mending.

Love is like a tendrils of a delicate flower. As delicate as a sweet pea. First two leaves, then four, then the tendrils begin to push forward, upwards, winding around and around, pulling upwards from the earth, the dirty soil, the dark – finally free to burst forth in gentle coloured flowers of pinks, blues, yellows and white, bright, bright and brighter still. For this is love.

Love is validation. It is belonging, being, surrounding, becoming. We need first to validate ourselves. Become our own sweet pea. Then we can reach from the dark places of brokenness, tiny tender tendrils, fine, gentle and all surrounding in love. Love heals the broken pieces.

This weekend I stood on a hillside with the wind tearing at my clothes, my hair and I felt alive, full, free, loved, by the moment, by the wind, by the rain, by freedom to be, to be me and believe that healing is possible. Yes, it is possible!


6 thoughts on “Love Heals the Broken Pieces

  1. Wow, Beverley.. this was a wonderfully written piece dear Friend.. finding that Love that wonderful feeling in nature, knowing you are loved and your description was perfect .. So loved this line
    “Love is like a tendrils of a delicate flower.”… May you continue your love affair, and always be embraced in the loving arms of all that is..
    Hugs Sue xxx

    1. Thank you Sue. When we listen to the heart it speaks. When we listen to the heart of the world in nature is heals, but we have to find it for ourselves xxx

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