The World Has Gone Mad

The World Has Gone Mad

IMG_2883After such a crazy weekend I had to stop writing. I am not sure that I have the words to explain it, but I had to pause, to reflect and wonder how mad the world could get before we started killing those we call friend or even family. The world has gone mad.

At the end of last week I received news that a dear friend had died suddenly and in my shock, sorrow and sadness over her death, I woke on Saturday morning to world gone mad.

Yes, I know I keep saying it, but I have to keep saying it because I don’t know what else to say!

On Saturday I met up with my daughter Emily and my granddaughter Amelia, the plan was to do some Christmas shopping, Bradford has a new shopping centre, we were then going to watch Bradford Christmas lights being switched on, but they got rained off and have some food. It was supposed to be a happy time and it sort of -was.

As I exited Bradford bus station I came face to face with a whole crowd of Police officers, I have never seen so many in one place. I felt unnerved, anxious, scared even. It turned out that a group of people had gathered in the city centre to shout about changing immigration laws. I did not go see, I did not want to go see, but I could still hear the shouting.

I went to meet up with my daughter in the new shopping centre, but it wasn’t long before my mind was in sensory overload mode. I stood and looked at a wall full of wrapping paper trying to get my mind to settle down. Too much noise, too many people, too much colour, just too too much and I was heading for a melt down into anxiety and panic and my daughter must have seen something because she asked me if I was alright. I felt fear. Like at any moment something bad was going to happen!

I said to my daughter lets go eat, so we exited the centre and went to go eat.

The fear of what could happen overwhelmed me in that moment and everything has been beyond my words since then. Until that is i saw two things on Facebook just yesterday and today and they were these. However, let not the evilness of some people take away our peace of mind and soul. Do not feed their hatred with more hatred. Do not let them over power the good and beautiful things in this world. Do not let them overcome us. Let us be strong in heart even while we sorrow. Do not give up, do not give in.

My friend Joss shared these words –

Joss – Next

A man who lost his wife to gunmen in Paris shared the following –

7 thoughts on “The World Has Gone Mad

  1. Global energy is disruptive at the moment, Beverly and it’s difficult to shield ourselves from the conflict and sensory overload. But I’ve been uplifted by the number of positive responses to the tragedies that are occurring around the world ~ people are defiant towards terrorism and focusing on remaining their peaceful, loving selves, like that brave man in the video. I hadn’t seen that before, so thank you for sharing it! Take care of yourself and do all you can to be calm and centered. This too shall pass. 😘

    1. Trying to remain centred within myself and although I am aware of disturbances around the globe and my heart goes out to those that suffer, but we must try not feed the fire of the saboteurs of our peace.

  2. yes Beverley on the surface it would appear the world has gone mad… and it disturbed my own energies too this is what it was meant to do… As the darkness tries to overload us within its negative shadow..
    But it is only a portion of the world with evil intent.. The majority of the world is I feel as this brave man’s speech about his wife’s murder shows.. That we are not being held captive by fear.. That through this Peace and Love will only grow stronger and the Light shall once again retain the balance from which it is trying to be tipped..

    An excellent post… and although I had heard the speech before of this Frenchman.. I had not seen this version of it..

    Love to you Beverley.. I hope you are having a peaceful weekend..
    Hugs Sue

    1. Yes I am hibernating this weekend, but i have church tomorrow, but it is ok to be alone some times. Wishing you a peaceful weekend too xxx

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