Generate Peace Wherever You Are

Generate Peace Wherever You Are

one womanHave you noticed how we are always going somewhere? Or there is always some place we have to be? Have you noticed how we are always wanting? Or in deed we are always planning? Yet, the most important place you can be right now is right where you are.

On the whole, I live a quiet life. I spend most of my time on my own, which I am making peace with. It has not been a any easy transition from busy working mum to being me, myself and I, but I am getting there, slowly.

Have you also noticed how noisy the world is these days? In the crazy day, busy days leading up to Christmas people forget the real meaning of the season and spend more than they have on things that give only moments of rewards before they are discarded – only to be replaced by something else or another want.

In the past I have often struggled to find peace in my life and recently I have come to the conclusion as to why this may be.

  • When we are forever going somewhere we are never happy where we are.
  • When are forever wanting, we are never happy with what we have.
  • When we confuse our needs with our wants, we are forever wanting.
  • When we are forever planing for the future, we miss the peace of the here and now.

Life is not easy. If it was easy we would complain it was too easy, because complain is something we all like to do. There was a time that I complained and murmured and moaned about everything and although everyone around me was aware of this, it took me a great deal of longer to realise that i was creating my own unhappiness. I then spent a month consciously ‘not moaning, murmuring or complaining'(mmc) and every time these negative thoughts came into my head, I stopped them before they became words or actions. As the ‘mmc’ became less I found a sense of inner peace replacing them, I would like to say that I have maintained the feeling of peace through the absence of ‘mmc’, however I am not that good.

At church it is often said that we should live in the world, but not of it. I have been giving that some thought. Living in the world or being worldly makes us hungry for more of the same. More of the same makes us forever wanting, planning and needy. But, living in the world but not of it means far more than letting go of those wants. However I believe that when we begin to let go of the wants of the world we will truly find peace and in finding peace we will become peaceful and then we will begin to generate peace wherever we are. And, even though the ‘mmc’ of the world continues we can find our own inner peace in the here and now. For there is only NOW as nothing else is certain.

  • What does it mean to you to live in the world, but not of it?
  • How can we let go of the ‘wants’ in our lives and find peace?
  • How can we generate peace in our every moment?

3 thoughts on “Generate Peace Wherever You Are

  1. Lovely post mum 🙂

    You brought all your children up to love what you have and be grateful for what you need. I know the difference between want and need and on the whole I am happy with what I have and am humbled by the kindness of others.

    Loves ya xxxx

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