The Time is Now!

The Time is Now!

patchworkGretchen Rubin in her book ‘Better Than Before’ says that’s the best time to begin a new in ‘NOW!’ And we are more to succeed if we just get on with it.

It is nearly December and the end of 2015 and soon it will be January 2016 the time of year that we all start our New Year Resolutions to be diet, increase our exercise more, take up meditation or indeed give away all that we have and retreat to the nearest woods.

Well, what if instead of waiting for January, you decided to change your Habits today? Yes, it is a random day, but a day is just a period of time in the week and a date a number on a calender – so why not today?

Michelle McGagh has decided to not spend anything for 12 months. I am planning on doing this, but not today, not now, but I do like the idea and have been working out the finer points of such a big undertaking and asking myself such questions as – what does it mean to me? But, the fact that she is beginning Now, on a random day means she is more likely to succeed. I would like to think I didn’t need money, but unfortunately in today’s world that isn’t possible.

I see my life as a quilt. Each patchwork pieces carefully selected and then slowly stitched together with the others. I want my finished quilt to be the most beautiful quilt anyone else has ever seen, but it can only be that way if it is sewn by own hands and in my own way and not by anyone else. Many people will come into our lives and offer us a patchwork piece for us to add to our quilt, but it is up to us to chose wisely which ones we take and which ones we leave behind.

Today I begin 3 Habits

  1. To go to bed by 10.30pm. When you don’t need to get up at a certain time you tend to go to bed when you want, because you know you don’t need to be up. But the lack of good sleep creates an increase in pain and fatigue.
  2. Meditate every morning using meditation cushion. This is something I have got out of the practice of doing and I am feeling the lack of it in my physical body.
  3. Daily weigh-in. I am not weighing myself to cheer on every lb that i lose I doing it to see if making small changes to my daily diet can bring about the desired weight lost without doing anything drastic.

My word for this year was ‘choice’. I have made some really important choice this last year. There are more choices I need to make and (kind of) plan for in the new year. But, really I only have today. In fact we all only have today.

  • What are you choosing to do today?
  • Is what you are choosing helping you to sew together your own quilt?

3 thoughts on “The Time is Now!

  1. Love the idea of sewing together those little pieces of our lives.. šŸ™‚ and choice.. what is It I choose to do… I choose to be more creative.. and spend more time within my arts… šŸ™‚ and I love what you have achieved over 2015 Beverley.. you Trusted in Life too… and it delivered you safe in a new home.. ā¤

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