Silent Women, Broken Souls

Silent Women, Broken Souls

forgivenessWhen I was at college some ten years ago I was taught that during World War II depression in women was at its lowest. I was also taught that this was because women were busy.

But, what if it wasn’t only because women were busy, but that they were valued for who they were and their uniqueness? They found a voice, a place to be and were not silent any more. They also found a place to be among other women. Women who they found were just like them, having all the same daily problems at home as they did. They learnt that although they were individuals they were not alone, but part of something bigger.

However after the war was over many women were forced out of the work place and back into the home. Depression in women rose to an all time high and was blamed on the brokenness that lay around them. But, what if maybe it was more to do with the fact that women were being told to shut up and be silent?

Women have not always been silent and in some of small almost hidden villages around the world they still have their place. They are not made to be silent and they have never heard of the word depression, let alone it’s symptoms.

Sad things happen in their lives, such as illness and death, just as they happen in ours. However, instead of being silent they are taken by the women of the village and comforted and allowed to take into themselves the hurt and the pain that they feel and then they are taught how to let it go.

Imagine a place for women where only women are allowed to go. Where women are allowed to give voice to their brokenness until it is all used up. Imagine a world where the word ‘depression’ does not exist. Imagine a place where women can safely go to be heard and instead of trying to force their broken pieces back together they are taught how to bring them together naturally.

Today depression in women is higher than it has ever been. It is so high that the health service does not have the resources to deal with the number of people needing help. Pills are given out like sweeties in the hope that they will relieve the symptoms and women will stop moaning and get on with their busy busy lives. Those women who continually look behind themselves to see which broken piece has fallen free. Women who gather together their broken pieces and try their best to hide them from the world so others do not see their brokenness and view it has a sign of weakness instead of the strength that it is.

It is time that women were not silent any more, but gave voice to their broken pieces. It is time when made time to seek the company of other women who have been there before them, those who can help them unravel their broken pieces, lay them out bare so all can see and then show them how to gently bring those broken pieces together to make a whole.

For until we are whole we will never escape the clutches of illnesses such as anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, obesity, depression and even Fibromyalgia to name but a few.


4 thoughts on “Silent Women, Broken Souls

  1. hmm interesting yes I do belive women near more of a voice but some men do too don’t forget then. it’s not just women anymore now that women have got higher positions in society men have become lower not just in society but I’m emotions too they slip between the cracks. I wish the world was better but we do what can and some women are better in silence but time alone is what they need.x

    1. That is another discussion altogether. That is about building the spirit of community and trust, working together to build a better NOW and future too. But first we have to heal ourself, we have to find ourselves before we can help someone else. xx

  2. Yes I think pills are definitely given out like sweets. The NHS can’t keep up with the demand needed for people to talk through their problems and be heard so instead they slap a band aid on it (pills). Then people end up in the vicious cycle of taking more and more pills as the ones they were on originally become less and less effective. Unfortunately I don’t know of a solution at all to what is happening besides getting people together to talk out their problems. However, if you’re in a dark place struggling with life, depression or not, the last thing you want to do is meet up with others who are suffering too.
    Women are constantly being told they don’t do enough. They are having the task of being a mother pretty much stripped from them by the government and they have no choice but to go along with it. If a woman chooses to stay at home and look after her children she’s penalised yet if she goes out to work she is also penalised. Women can’t seem to win

    1. We are lucky we already have a circle of women, being mother and daughters,but what we need to learn is to stop listening to the world and how it speaks negatively to us, we are not good enough no matter what we do. Spend time quietly with yourself, I know it has meditation, but you can call it what you want. Then spend time with God and between the two you will receive your own answers, then it is up to you to act on those answers. Once you finish the first step then go back and ask for the next step. Stop running faster than you can walk, in the end you will get where you are supposed to be xx

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