Be Distinctly You

Be Distinctly You

IMG_2941I often come to the blank page not really knowing what to write. The old year is slowly creeping towards a close and my mind is already filling up with plans with what to centre my writing on next year. But, there is still time in this year to allow my mind to wander through the beauty of the season.

Recently a friend called me a Sage and a Wise Woman on a Hill to, which Seekers gather for help and instruction. They also said they were not a ‘Seeker’. However, if they have found me, then they truly are. For no one can recognise the Wise Woman unless their heart is open to see and their ears are open to accept her wisdom.

They also went on to say ‘that I do not see myself that way, ‘ which is very true. For a Wise Woman cannot discern truth when she is caught up in pride, a little bit of self doubt seems to be necessary.

It is not the first time I have been likened to a wise woman, a woman who knows what to say, when to say it and even what to do. But, I cannot say that I feel wise or even a Sage – a profoundly wise person, a person of wisdom, judgement and experience – I certainly do not, but life experiences have taught me many things.

A Wise Woman cannot cannot dispense wisdom to others without love, compassion, patience and truth – truth can some times be hard to hear, but to lie to a Seeker will in turn put them on the wrong path. Make them feel like the Wise Woman is punishing them, not loving them along their way.

But then another friend said to me this last week, ‘can I not accept that I cannot know everything.’ To that friend and to all that read my blog, I know nothing! The world is so big and I am just a grain of sand, but if you come seeking I will sit with you until you know all that you need to know and the strength to continue your journey.


2 thoughts on “Be Distinctly You

  1. It reminds of something someone said at church the other week, for those who are humble to acknowledge they’re humble means they’ve already lost their humility. X

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