I Have My New Word!

I Have My New Word!

IMG_2367At the end of 2014 I joined my friend, Lisa, (Lisa notes) to come up with one word that would dwell in my heart for the whole of 2015. That word was ‘CHOICE.’

I certainly made lots of big choices in 2015. I made the choice in January to let the bank take my home. It felt like it was time to do that. However that would then leave me homeless. I prayed a lot back then, telling God of my needs and my fears. Although I wanted to stay near my daughter and granddaughter so that I could support them, God had other plans and in the end I not only let my home go, but made the choice to move a few miles down the road to Halifax.

I knew that God was directing me to attend church in Halifax, however I do not live in Halifax, I live at Bailiff Bridge. Bailiff Bridge is almost a pass-through. There are many house, but few shops or amenities. But, a couple of miles down the road is Brighouse. Brighouse is a perfectly form small town. It has every shop I have ever needed, thanks to the fact two of the main supermarkets have built stores in the neighbourhood. It is a perfect place to wander and shop.

I also made the choice to join the Library book group, which as we have got to know each other more the more we laugh, the more we share and the more we talk about the thing we love most, books! I also made the choice to read only one book at a time, which means I have read less, but I have read more fully. I made a choice to get a walk every day, that I can.

Other choices have been –

  • to find quiet places in nature
  • meditate morning and evening
  • spend more time with God on a daily basis
  • to make a new friend or two
  • to be more patient, forgiving and understanding
  • and biggest one of course, was making the choice to live

My biggest choice this year as left me in a very different place physically, spiritually and even emotionally. My flat is amazingly perfect, in a amazingly perfect place, church, although at the other side of Halifax to me, is warm, friendly and welcoming and I can say that I now have friends there. I love to shop in my little town and I have wonderful places to walk and meditate.

But, the time as come for a new word for a new year, which is just round the corner. Last year it took some pondering and the switching around of words, but this year the word came almost instantly and the word is ‘CHANGE.’

From making ‘CHOICES’ to taking those choices to the next level and consciously making ‘CHANGES’ in 2016.


6 thoughts on “I Have My New Word!

  1. Wow, Beverley! Choices was the perfect word for you in 2015—what a beautiful testimony to God’s faithfulness to you throughout the year as you stepped out in faith to make those choices. And now “changes.” That’s another biggie, but I believe that God gives us our words in phases that make sense, and changes is a great follow-up to choices!

    I’m still not clear on what my One Word is for 2016. I keep circling around a theme, but nothing has popped out as from God yet so I’ll keep praying it through.

    1. I circled and circled for seemed like ages last year, but this year has been amazing has God as helped me to make hard choices, but I know he was with every step of the way. I am sure your One Word will just appear as if by magic 🙂

  2. ‘Choice” has proved to be a wonderful word for you to bear in mind this year, Beverly! When you make conscious choices you are no longer a victim of fate ~ for me that has made a lot of difference in how I feel about the options open to me. I think you’ve made the right decisions and are creating an excellent life for yourself ~ which impacts positively on your mindset and your health. Good for you!! I look forward to reading about the changes you will be guided towards in 2016 and how they work out for you! xxx

  3. Beautiful post. It is amazing what a difference a year can make, so glad that you are happy and blessed. I have been having a focus word for a few years now, my first ever was Hope. In 2015 it just didn’t happen, partly because the beginning of the year was so fraught with dad dying and all that that entailed. Change could have been my word this year though. Dad died and we also gave up our childhood home back to the council. Half of the family are no longer on speaking terms because they aren’t happy with what happened with dad’s decisions etc. Juliet moved out. Also, two weeks ago I went back to work for 4 days a week, not to teaching but as a teaching assistant (too many changes in the last 19 years to go back as a teacher). It is only a temporary job until July but we will see were this takes us. Presently I am just exhausted at being no my feet all day and really looking forward to the Christmas break.

    1. Some times the only we can do is put our faith in God and hold on until things change. Life isn’t all smooth, but it as moved forward and that is a good thing. Maybe 4 days is just too many. Just getting use to living on my own has been hard work at times, but I do try and get out when I can. Today it was all i could do to stay standing in the shower, but my hair has that freshly washed smell. Pray always that you will find the answers that you need to bring you peace and go forward knowing you are doing the right thing, no matter what xx

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