Patchwork Pieces 2016

Patchwork Pieces 2016

hexagon epps
Hexagonal pieces

Patchwork 2016


I have never found Introductions that easy to write. It is such a difficult decision to make, that first word, that first sentence that would catch the imagination of the reader and keep them reading. I am very good at waffling about nothing and talking has never a problem for me either. However, the written word often escapes me. Also, you should know, that, although I am good at making plans, I am not very good at carry those plans forward to fruition, but I will try and be more organised.

However 2015 has been a year of ‘choice’. I prayed that God would direct my choices to the benefit of others and myself and indeed that as been the case. The word for 2016 is ‘Change.’ Now what God means to change I am not quite sure about, as many of the choices I made this year brought about significant changes in my life, mainly for the better.

In a recent blog post ‘The Time is Now’ I wrote “I see my life as a quilt. Each patchwork piece carefully selected and then slowly stitched together with the others. I want my finished quilt to be the most beautiful quilt anyone else as ever seen, but it can only be that way if it is sewn by own hands and in my own way and not by anyone else.” It is my wish to continue forward with the thoughts that life is a patchwork quilt and not only use the idea of a patchwork quilt metaphorically, many pieces joined together to make a whole, but I also want to sew, by hand, a patchwork quite, one piece at a time.

Using the words of my Manifesto for 2016 has my template for the quilt pieces, I want to metaphorically join the pieces of the manifesto together to create changes in my life. The manifesto will be split up into the following areas and each area will be assigned a colour, this will (I hope) make things more balanced in my life and begin to create positive changes: –

Put God First (green)
Eat Less Move More (brown)
Buy Less Make More (red)
Stress Less Laugh More (blue)
Feel Blessed Love More And find a Quiet Spot Every Day to Breathe (yellow)

It will become clearer, I hope, in time and I will try to be more organised in my thoughts – ‘Organise yourself prepare every needful thing…’


6 thoughts on “Patchwork Pieces 2016

  1. I love the idea of linking the colours of your patches to the areas in your manifesto, to ensure balance and connection, Beverly! What a positive inspiration and motivating tool and you can also chart your progress, patch by patch! I look forward to you sharing both the physical and metaphysical results over the coming year, dear friend! 🙂 x

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