Eat Less, Eat Better, Move More

Eat Less, Eat Better, Move More

dancing-skeleton-clipartAfter a three day migraine of no fixed origin I am finally beginning to feel better. I have never found a food that causes them, except for the evil Aspartame, but more about why you should avoid it, no matter what at another time. The migraines seem to be a combination of Fibromyalgia, hormones and exhaustion and my body screaming ‘you will stop or I am going to stop you’ at the top of it’s voice and then it does!
How come in a world where there is plenty of good food are we getting fatter and unhealthier? Yes, I said the word ‘FAT’.  I am sorry if it upsets you to read such a bad word, however the facts and the fat remains. And, just because you are slim it does not mean you are healthy. A friend’s husband recently had a heart attack at 57, he survived it, he is slim and I think he would say he had a slightly physical job. Also when I was working as a nurse I met many people who were slim, but who had had a recent heart attack. So, being slim does not equate to being healthy. This year is about being healthier rather than slimmer, but slimmer would be nice too.
These are some of what I believe the problems are when it comes to being unhealthy and overweight –
  • we do not move enough
  • we eat at the wrong time of day
  • we eat too many of the wrong things
  • we don’t eat enough of the right things
  • we don’t stop to eat
  • we don’t rest and sleep enough
  • we think ‘no sugar’ or ‘low fat’ is an excuse in binge
  • we are confused about food and movement
Please note that I am using the word movement instead of the word exercise. The word exercise often comes with a whole load of bad connotations that sends us running for a bar of chocolate or a packet of chocolate digestives. Our bodies were made to move and how we move our bodies is entirely up to the individual, but for me that means; gentle, little and often or indeed daily.
I would also like to introduce you to a few people I find interesting and useful, they are –
My Food Rules
  1.  Eat within a 10 hour window 
  2. Stop the snacking between meals
  3. Eat meals
  4. Cut out the no-sugar, low-fat products
  5. Cut back on obvious high sugar products, such as cake, biscuits, chocolate, etc
  6. No adding sugar to breakfast cereals, although I may use a little honey in my porridge
My Movement Rules
  1. Meditate and stretch every morning
  2. Go for a walk every day
  3. Go to sleep by 10.30pm
  4. Nap often, when necessary
  5. Stop doing the ‘all or nothing’ routine
The last time I tried to cut sugar out of my diet the one thing that made it fail was the fact that when I went out for lunch with a friend or family there was nowhere that sold ‘real food’ everything was sugar-loaded including the drinks – I don’t drink tea or coffee, except herbal fruit tea. However, in the little town of Brighouse, near where I now live I have found the a local coffee shop that makes proper food, and I love eating there as they make the most awesome soups, more later.
And I starting with 100 days (4 Jan-13 Apr 2016)
  • What is the one thing you could do this year to be healthier?

8 thoughts on “Eat Less, Eat Better, Move More

  1. I like your food and movement rules. I took a six-week blogging break. glad to be back and connecting with you. Getting healthier is whar really matters and u r so right.

  2. that’s a great list you’ve made. I’m on the “eat healthier, move every day” wagon this year. Living somewhere that has an all year growing season will make it easier to eat more fresh produce. At least that is what I am surmising. At the end of the year I would like to feel better every day.

  3. I’m definitely going to monitor my refined sugar intake this year, Beverly ~ like your, our family has a persistent sweet tooth. I’m going to add turmeric to my diet daily, as this has so many health benefits in addition to controlling blood sugar levels. I’ll continue with my daily dog walks and the qigong exercise routine that I started last April. I’ve persevered and am beginning to notice the long~term effects (there were benefits right from the start.) I’m already lookinng forward to the gardening season, when I can start to grow organic veg ~ although I do have kale, rocket and a few herbs still flourishing in pots. I do love your ‘more/less’ ideas ~ so much more encouraging and easier to achieve than a long list of ‘DONT’S’!!! 🙂 x

    1. Thank you. I think we can get stuck on the don’t and then then think we are failing and then give up altogether, when some times we just need a day off. Yes, I have a sweet tooth, but less refined sugar will do me lots of good. Good luck with your plans.

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