English Patchwork Pieces

English Patchwork Pieces

I have signed up to write 365 posts this year, so that’s one-a-day. Unfortunately this is not the post I was planning for today and I read somewhere that it is bad blog etiquette to apologise for not posting, so I am not – apologising that is. However, my body is in the middle of a Fibromyalgia flare, which is causing me to have a very mood and so I am struggling with the depression too and my computer and word press are having separate or indeed combined tantrums. And if everything doesn’t stop soon I am going to beat it with a stick!

However, my patchwork pieces came and they are marvellous? wonderful? amazing? nice? perfect? My brain cannot find the word so please choose one that fits 🙂 (Madness is now setting in until Spring)



11 thoughts on “English Patchwork Pieces

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are suffering a flare~up, Beverly ~ this is exactly why I haven’t felt able to commit to posting every day, even for a month! I’ve even struggled with posting once a week for Nurturing Thursday but I hope to achieve that this year ~ and a bit more, when inspired. Your patchwork pieces are gorgeous ~ I’m going to scroll backwards now and find out more about them! Feel better soon. xx

  2. Hexagons are my favourite shape to work with, I’m looking forward to seeing what you will make with them. I am very slowly making a quilt with some floral ones.

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