Remember to Breathe

Remember to Breathe


Two years ago I was barely able to sit up, much less be able to get out of bed and sleep was a thing of the past. It was at this time that I decided to start meditating again, something I had done previously, but with declining bodily function, increasing pain and fatigue and decreasing sleep, appetite and just general craziness in my life, I had my daily meditation practice drift away. Two years I began again.

I began with laying flat in  bed and following my breath for a minute or two at a time. These days I meditate sat up, crossed legged, often on a meditation cushion on the floor for 17 minutes in the evenings before sleep and 5 minutes in the mornings. The morning routine is something new and is a work in progress.

The benefits for me from meditation are –

  • better more restful sleep
  • better mobility in joints
  • better appetite
  • increased ability to handle stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • greater ability to think clearly

Now everything is relative and every day is different and some days no matter what I do the Fibromyalgia and the depression takes over and consumes me, but even in panic I can find myself space to breathe.

Still wondering if you should give it ago? Maybe today is the day you can sit still and breathe – just breathe!

Can’t sit still, try walking meditation instead.

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