10 Hour Food Rule

10 Hour Food Rule

food timeFood is making me sick, again! It seems to be a constant battle, that I no sooner sort it out then it all falls apart and I feel sick again. The feeling of being poisoned was one of the first symptoms I became aware of when things began to go wrong in my body. I changed my diet. My daily diet back then was organic vegetarian.

However being an organic vegetarian means preparation and cooking, which is so difficult to do for many reasons, but all to do with the Fibromyalgia. I have also found that too many vegetables and fruit cause Irritable Bowel Type symptoms – so now fruit and vegetables and whole grains, as well, are also making me ill.

It is difficult to know where to go next.

Right now, I am trying to establish a new Habit, The 10 Hour Food Rule. Simply put; eat within a 10 hour period only. For instance if I eat breakfast at 8am then I don’t eat after 6pm, until the following morning. This is to help me quit the evening sweet/sugar eating. It is a little hit and miss at the moment, especially as my usual evening are spent eating chocolates, sweets and biscuits, but it is time to ‘get-on-with-it’ or indeed ‘stick-to-it’.

This looks interesting and I would like to think I could get to this point in the future, in my own way –



6 thoughts on “10 Hour Food Rule

  1. I understand your struggles as I have a very sweet too. It was hard at Christmas as my mother-in-law brought lots of tins of roses and celebration and hero’s plus penguin twix tunnocks caramel wafers home from London where she spent Christmas . She meant all the best and did bring me cheddar but I find cheese hard to digest too
    It’s become impossible to eat out here but that doesn’t worry me. I find citrus fruits and nightshades do a lot of damage. I make everything from scratch. I tend to use my pressure cooker a lot for lentils and chickpeas with veg. I eat them at lunch time though! I also eat polenta quinoa and couscous
    We eat wild caught salmon once a week which I love. We only eat chicken or turkey once a week and no red meat or pork.
    I have almonds walnuts pistachios and my favourite cashews on hand.
    I use tuna in different ways…pies, my take on burritos and enchiladas etc. I usewhole grain flour tortillas tinned tomatoes onions etc.instead of bechamel I make a white sauce from low fat greek yoghurt oregano red pepper spice and a little sauce.
    I only ever drink water or the herbal remedies my naturalist doctor prescribes which is really boring.
    I hope you don’t think I’m saying I know everything because I don’t and would love to learn from you and others.
    I never eat after 8pm giving my body a 12 hour rest.
    Thanks for all your posts! xx

    1. I drink mainly water. Cooking is really difficult because of the pain in my hands and my body. I often buy fruit and vegetable and then end up throwing them away because they are unfit to eat. Not having anyone else to cook for doesn’t help. Fish seems to be ok, fresh plain – ish fish rather than anything battered or coated in any way. Some times I don’t think it’s the product but the extra rubbish that the manufacturers but into them, such as soya, aspartame and many unmentionable concoctions. And some of the time I will eat breakfast and then not be hungry again until late into the evening. But all that said, my main problem is sugar and cutting back on the amount I am eating is the beginning of the next part of my journey to wholeness. Thank you for commenting xxx

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