How To Patchwork

How To Patchwork

I thought I would do a little update on how the patchwork is progressing and some instructions on how I patchwork. I have seen hand sewn patchwork done in a number of ways and no way is wrong, if you are happy with the way that you do it.

Top to bottom, left to right

  • Place paper template on top of the reverse side of your fabric.
  • Using an iron, fold over and press the first side of the fabric.
  • Continue around the shape, using an iron pressing all the sides inwards and downwards (watch you don’t burn your fingers), making sure the template remains central on the fabric.
  • Completed ironing reverse side.
  • Turn the patchwork pieces over and press with an iron and steam.
  • Begin sewing at one corner. Use good quality thread, otherwise it may fray and a fine sewing needle. Use the cotton double stranded and knot the end. Over sew the corner through all layers of fabric three times.
  • Move on to the next corner and repeat the process.
  • Continue around the patchwork until all corners are secure. This will hold the template in place without having to sew through them, making them easier to remove at a later time and you will never have to remove this sewing, unless you want too.

NB – I did buy ready cut baking paper templates but I found them too thin to work with and I would not recommend them. Since then I have come across others made of light card, which may be better, but so far I have been making my own.

This is how it looks so far – 19 pieces ~ I leave my needle in the last piece that was sewn and on the side that I want to add the next piece, it can get a little confusing.


Have you started an art/craft project yet, this year?


7 thoughts on “How To Patchwork

  1. Beautiful! You are gifted and patient. The only project I’ve started this year is a digital one, trying to get all my digital pictures organized so I can then print out the best of the best and put them in an album.

  2. This is looking lovely Beverley. And I am enjoying your colour scheme.. I did some artwork yesterday… just messing around with some watercolours and Inks.. Made a Flower Mandala .. 🙂

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