My Thoughts on the Old Testament

My Thoughts on the Old Testament

IMG_1691It took me two years to read the Old Testament. I have studied and taught it a number of times over the years, but as the lessons are spread over a year there isn’t time to read or teach everything. This was not a case of seeing how quickly I could read or indeed how much knowledge, but just a gentle meander through a book of love, that I had never read in it’s entirety. Now I can say ‘I have.’

These are some of the things I learnt during those two years of reading.

  • Everything was created before man was placed in the garden of Eden
  •  Adam is commanded to not eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil
  • Adam named everything, including woman
  • Adam and Eve were married
  • Adam and Eve did not know they were naked until after Lucifer appears and tells them
  • Moses was 84 when he left Egypt and Aaron was 80
  • Moses didn’t want to be an hero, but he conceded to God’s desires
  • Noah built a boat in the middle of a field.
  • We are all descendent from Noah.
  • The boy David who slew Goliath became King David the great great…grandfather of Jesus Christ. Ruth was also his great great…grandmother
  •  Every prophets tells of the same things; a prophet will come to mark the way before the coming of the Messiah, the Messiah is the Son of God and will come to save mankind from their sins and sorrows, the Messiah will be crucified by his own people, Judah (the Jews) will be out casts from their own lands and punished for many generations because of this fact.
  • The Messiah will be born of a virgin.
  • He will teach a new law, heal the sick and raise the dead.
  • One day Judah will accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, will repent and be forgiven.
  • He will die and after three days will arise from the tomb, bringing about the resurrection of all mankind.
  • Before Christ comes again all things will be restored.
  • They speak of a latter-day prophet who will restore the truth to the earth
  • We will be judged after the resurrection on the deeds that we have done.
  • That Jesus is the God of the Old Testament.
  • That there is also a Father in Heaven.
  • We should pay tithes unto the church.
  • In the last days the hearts of the children will be turned to their fathers.
  • What is sealed on earth will be sealed in heaven.
  • There will be great wars, storms and disruptions throughout the world before the Saviour will come again.
  • He will come through the clouds, at a time no man knows, but when it happens no man will be able to say they didn’t see it.
  • The Old Testament is as important as the New Testament when it comes to knowing Jesus Christ, if not more so.
  • All the prophets see the beginning to the end of the world as it is now and even until it is renewed in its celestial glory.

And there was probably many more ‘oh’ moments.


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Old Testament

  1. “He will come through the clouds, at a time no man knows, but when it happens no man will be able to say they didn’t see it.” I think this gives me chill bumps in such a good way. There will be no way to deny it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thank you for sharing some of the things you learned from reading the Old Testament. You should be proud of your accomplishment and I enjoyed reading what you shared.

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